What a nice Mature lady


You probably already heard about it. If you do not know for sure, I’ll tell you. The MILF phenomenon. I need to explain what it is? In case we suddenly read neodypsis ladies and dudes, explain. MILF is a genre of porn, the acronym stands for mother I’d like to fuck. Translation is not. And so you all understand.

So, the phenomenon of MILF. This is a crazy and irresistible attraction towards Mature women, where you can not avoid virtually any one person. It is a natural desire to overcome the Panther with which we are all born. In the twenty-first century men increasingly find that they are attracted by Mature women, while much stronger than 20-year-old beauty out of your narrow pants. There is something that woman can pay well and generally appreciates the fact that you’re still not grown up.

This is insanity on the grounds of Mature women acquires epidemic proportions, we can’t ignore this trend. So, guys date women who are good sons, and how everything in this world, there are reasons.

1. Experience

The greatest advantage of the Panthers is that they know what they want. And they want you to give them as soon as possible, and then gave even a little of what is prohibited. If you don’t give it to them as needed, they won’t hesitate to tell you this. Well done. There is something sexual that they don’t have to say, what to do, and what not should be bothered. Don’t need to convince them to try something new: they are any in the game. Each of us was dealing with a friend who convinced him that it was her first time that she’s not ready, she’s not sure and other garbage. We don’t want to waste our precious time in bed, restraining himself and trying not to offend someone’s feelings. Mature women do not care. They are ready for everything you offer them, they may even say: «Try to surprise me.» Challenge accepted. These women know how to make nice, they will amaze you with his skill. They were with men, they have a child or two, so they don’t need to walk around. No Mature woman is not shy about the fact that sex is its strong (not the strongest side. She’s doing it for the sake of feelings: his own and yours.

2. Forbidden fruit

Some of them married, some were married and some of them never wanted to get married, but still had a child. In any case, previously, it belonged to someone else, and it attracts men. This is an exciting pursuit. The fact that she’s older than you, means that you’ll have to try harder. Contrary to the canons, Mature woman — the ultimate goal for men who want to have that are unable to. Adult ladies not willing to give himself to us completely, pleased with the idea that there are a lot of men as fish. You’ll feel impossibly at ease when in the morning she will leave you a walk of shame not slept at home people, you’re going to watch after her and to mentally laugh at landhome where you brought it from under his nose in that bar. You have tamed the beast!

3. Reputation

Successful business with a Mature woman will make you a Man. It is the sign of a real man in our severe century, and all the bro know that. You graduated from this class and become higher rank. Now you can consider yourself an expert. It’s like that to a master’s degree. This is not only a source of personal pride, it is definitely the competitions, victory in which not a sin to boast. What is the most enjoyable? She won’t be upset if on a lunch break you all the details to tell your colleagues. She likes to have a sexy reputation, following on her heels, and wear a leopard print dress. This, incidentally, is required for each Panther. VIN-VIN.

4. Money-money-money

It is time for the men to have zolotoiskatel. Enough of the elderly on the arm of the young girls, that shit is not sexy. We are ready to appear before the world in a blaze of glory. The Panthers still stable in Finance is so stable that her young friend can’t even imagine. She has her own apartment, own car, own money. In her house, no plastic bottles with alcohol: only a glass. If she want something, she gets it, including if she wants to make you happy. Let him take you to dinner and buy you clothes. Enjoy life gigolo as I can, man.

5. Casual relationships

Last (but not least!) point: the Panthers don’t want to be with you for a long time. Ready — next! They always want something new, fresh and interesting. They are independent, and they like it. With the Panther not have to worry about the future and about the development of relations; you can’t call her, she’ll call herself. It will be busy on Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to come up with the no touching thing. You have sex, and that’s enough. With a Panther you free, hang out with friends, watch football when all Dating. She just likes to have fun. No regrets, no obligations — concentrated pleasure. There is nothing surprising in the phenomenon of the MILF.

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