What a gentleman differs from rags

Many people still confuse charisma with scrambled eggs, politeness with a lack of will, a gentleman with a duster and a veteran of the friend zone. Maybe all of these things and it is hard to distinguish at first glance, but the difference is really crucial. When dealing with a woman of this difference depends, she will ignore you or step over you as over a bump on your path to a perfect man. It is therefore important to know what is the difference in meaning of these words: this knowledge will help you to behave and position. manygoodtips.com indulges in the details and tells you what’s what.

Example 1. The behavior of a gentleman

A gentleman opens the door for the lady. Opening the door, he gently touches her elbow, shoulder or back. This gives the woman a sign that she cares about him he cares about her and that he was pleased to touch it.

This type of touch is well suited for a date. It subconsciously gives the woman know that the gentleman is interested in her. This is a great way to show that you want to get to know her.

Example 1. The behavior of the cloth

The same scenario: a cloth with a dog’s eyes before the woman opens the door, but out of fear and uncertainty he doesn’t touch her gently by the elbow or shoulder. He grabs her by the hand, or even avoids contact because he’s afraid to touch her.

This woman will not like. Women in principle do not like men who are so unsure of themselves that even to touch them afraid. They don’t want a twitch of a rabbit, such an approach, they simply do not work. Don’t be afraid to touch women!

Example 2. The behavior of a gentleman

After a first date the gentleman has no problems with a kiss goodbye. We’re not talking about a friendly peck on the cheek, in any case. Gentleman will kiss a woman on the lips. Of course, it will not be intense to stick my tongue in her mouth, they also eat dinner together for the first time.

Example 2. The behavior of the cloth

This is a common mistake for a nice guy. He’s not even trying. This is the biggest fear. Instead of kissing a woman, a sweet guy always willing to ask permission. It destroys all the romance and makes the woman lose her head.

Of course, some women don’t mind that they asked, but it completely kills the passion. Maybe you think it’s cute, but really you just reduces your chances to impress her. She wants the first kiss surprised her. She doesn’t want to be your tutorial in the art of kissing.

Example 3. The behavior of a gentleman

A gentleman understands body language. It reads a woman like a book and knows when she sends him the signal.

Instead of wondering what happens, and hope that she likes him, the gentleman learns the telltale signs of a seizure and know how to read between the lines.

The woman will gladly reciprocate on active interest, if she is already sending secret signals. There’s nothing to fear. Gentleman knows this because he understands women and what they are trying to say to him.

Example 3. The behavior of the cloth

Cute guy has no idea about chemistry and some sort of signals. He does not understand body language. Very often it is awkward and difficult moment for rag, because he wants to make a move, but doesn’t know how.

It completely kills the mood. Every time the woman gives him the signal, the air hangs awkward. He misses the appropriate time, and then makes a move at the wrong time. The evening will be killed.

Example 4. The behavior of a gentleman

A gentleman knows how to be a leader. He knows when to take responsibility, how to behave and how to plan the perfect evening.

Sometimes a woman wants to rely on the man and nothing to think. She wants he thought about everything for the two of them, and she enjoyed the time spent with him. Gentleman purposeful, and he always has a plan.

He knows how to make decisions. Some dudes are so dependent and that’s not even funny. But not a gentleman. He knows exactly how to make the right decisions, and he certainly knows how to win a woman’s attention.

Example 4. The behavior of the cloth

As you’ve probably guessed, the rag in this case is the opposite of a gentleman. He has no ability to make decisions, no leadership qualities. Sometimes it doesn’t bother the woman, but sometimes it just makes her angry.

Nice guy always asks the woman where she wants go and what he wants to do. And the woman shrugs, and asks the opinions of the guy. And live.

When a woman asks a rag where he wants to go, he says: «I don’t know» or «And you?». It irritates her. If you invite a woman out on a date and don’t know where her story, it’s disrespectful somehow idiotic.

Here’s the difference between a gentleman and a doormat.

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