Well, just very expensive headphones with spiders…

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Good acoustics and headphones just vital for lovers high-grade, high-quality sound. Of course, the cost of good acoustics is worth the money — if you are a real fan, of course.

The company Monster that launches and brand of expensive headphones, Dr. Dre, introduced to the market quite stylish headset worth 30 thousand dollars. It seems that the company has created a miracle just for the sake of the laurels of the manufacturer’s most expensive headphones certainly got it.

Headphones are so expensive not because to create them you used cool technologies that provide very high quality sound. It’s all in the material from which they are made. «Cups» of the headphones is made of pure gold, and the spiders sitting on them, encrusted with black diamonds.

Diamond Tears Gold — so-called these headphones are created under the strict guidance of the Korean jeweler Sally Sohn. The headphones are handmade, each model takes an average 100 hours of real time. A lot!

Now imagine a funny thing — a very wealthy uncle or aunt puts on his headphones gold 18K (good weight!) and listen to the music from the speakers that the quality is no better than the headphones for a hundred dollars. Funny! But it is very expensive. It is known that meshes of rose gold is made of only five. So if you have the money and desire to buy this thing, give it to us, run faster, and that black repari and Russian oligarchs buy them before you.

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