Well, I will lose weight — and what will change?

Stop.com.ua_17.03.2014_TXvB7QMehg2m6A lot will change. When you lose weight, you stop being old and become a new person. Don’t think just get rid of the belly.

Changes not only in the body

When you train your body you train your mind. Constant training require enormous work, will power and motivation. It’s not easy to maintain the results achieved, but, believe me, it is better to strain the ass and to be thin than not to stretch and to SAG.

Friends familiar even closer

It’s a paradox. We already wrote that nobody likes fat. Fat is like a stigma that is difficult to reduce. When you’re fat, you cry to the vest, you dumped your problems, but do not take into account – not all of course, but only so-called friends who in fact have no friends, but very real extra people. When you start to lose weight, they’ll fall off, but old friends with whom you had a superficial relationship, will still be around. Told a paradox.

Ridicule does not stop together with the school

I’m sorry if upset. I still cheer school nicknames such as «fatty» or «lard ass» sounding childish, very naive characterizing a person. With age we become not only intelligent, but angrier, and thus, insults are improving. Now it will be «about what he did with the belly?» or «thinks he’s cool, if lost». Two choices: either you respond to this blasphemy on the same level, or rise above and not notice.

Will have to defend their right to the Goodies

For some reason, many nachuet consider you a fitness freak and advocate of diets. People still have not become accustomed to the fact that exercise can be fun and it does not disturb to enjoy ice cream and cake. It will be for them opening day.

Everyone will be talking about how you lost weight

Often and in unexpected situations. Not to say that it was unpleasant (on the contrary, it’s good to be thinner, right?), but to keep talking about it embarrassing and even annoying. Can’t you just be a man – be sure to dwell forever in the role of a fat ass even fat? People don’t think it’s hate — on the contrary, they want you to praise and surprise of the interlocutor, do not know what they are doing.

You’re not the weight that you have lost

It is necessary to understand you and your friends from the previous paragraph. The first time you all gonna be the man who lost 20 pounds. «Oh, it’s you the guy who lost so much weight?» Well, Yes. Now you look much better. You become stronger and leaner. But you were human and to weight loss – and, by the way, the man left. You have interests, Hobbies, passions, work, goals, strengths and weaknesses. In short, you’re just a man, although considerably thinner.

You will have to ask for advice

Your skinny body is for the people who saw you’re fat, the equivalent of a badge «I Want to lose weight ask me how». They don’t care what you have to offer. And every time you’re surprised, upon hearing this request. There are those who will meet you and speak with you because you advised them how to lose weight. That’s nice, but…

In losing weight there’s no reward

Many believe, losing weight immediately becomes a hundred times more attractive, citing the fact that lean body like. And in actual fact not. You can’t just lose weight once and for all, you will have to maintain these results and to do and to eat well to be healthy again and not to recabinet.

You won’t regret it

Nothing about that was fat including. If you never weighed very much, you wouldn’t know, as that’s a lot to weigh, to lose weight and finally lose weight. You shouldn’t have had to lose weight, talk to those with whom you communicate, and learn what you’ve learned about nutrition, sport and about myself.

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