Weights. The Soviet school will make you harsh

It is strange to realize that the kettlebell is one of the best and oldest means of physical development — has been unjustly forgotten. I very rarely see dudes that use weights in the gym, unlike machines, barbells and dumbbells. Weights as it is not held in high esteem. There are two logical explanations for this problem. First: most gonococcal have no idea what to do with weights, what exercises and how. Second: do weights hard. Why is it difficult? Because weight is terribly fragile and you need to constantly engage her balance, which affects the muscles during conventional training «asleep». Weight, like dumbbells, a versatile projectile. It can pump different muscle groups, develop stamina and become a qualitatively strong and not be a piece of meat that is not able to open a jar of pickles for Christmas salad to have at least something to help his woman. Or mom?

The weight that is collecting dust most of the dudes in the corner and occasionally used to hold marinated meat. However, it is much better suited to swing alone, only to swing the weight properly.

Before you begin training, you need to be well aware of their physical capabilities. I personally believe that the weight for total ignoramuses, and for those who really something knows and had experience in leveling. If you are a beginner, do not recommend, you should do something else.

At the initial stage of work with weights you need to practice the technique. Let this be a little weight but the exercises you should perform without a hitch, otherwise a weight with bad technique can hurt your wrist and the various joints. By the way, about the wrist: there are many ways to strengthen it, because this is necessary in order to work well with kettlebells. To strengthen your joints, I suggest you stretch your wrists before training circular rotations. There are still a few exercises, but I’m not going to write about it.

When raising power for kettlebell sport and get all the profit from working with kettlebells I suggest to develop certain muscle groups. To push two weights simultaneously from your chest well help iMovie exercises, squats, jumping from a sitting position on his haunches, and so on. In order to learn how to do the snatch weights and to do it well, I advise you to prepare your body in a thrust rod, Mahi weights at different heights, shrug, and others.

The goals are different. Someone wants to become stronger, someone who wants to bulk up, «that chick gave,» and someone wants to go on discharge. Depending on the goals should be selected appropriate training methods, the load is determined, the dosage of the exercises and the program, which in the presence of brains in your head you can make yourself.

For pumping muscles are primarily used standard basic exercises that if you think about it, you can try to do it without special training.

Press one kettlebell


Press two kettlebells


Bench sitting


Alternate bench press weights while sitting (well, there the picture is not mandatory, surely he understood everything)

Bench dumbbells lying


Pulling weights to chest level or higher (can be raised up to the chin and over the head)


Pulling the kettlebell to your chest with support on the bench (same as thrust dumbbells to his chest, just weights)

Distributing weights lying

Quite heavy exercise. Breeding dumbbells in comparison — kindergarten.


The rise of the biceps with weights

Try to hold exactly the weight in this position.


Tilt with the weight behind the head

Knees at a slight angle, the main load on the back of the thigh. The nature of the action resembles a deadlift, except that it’s especially hurt back, back, partial hand and perfectly drawn body.


The slopes with weights in hand


It’s not like shragi, in fact, your body well bent at the waist, and the weight is transferred to the side of the fold. Great kneads the whole body.

Squats with weights

The picture is also not necessary — he’ll understand. It is possible to squat with one kettlebell, but you can with two. You can hold one dumbbell at your chest not on the handle, and you can put two on your shoulder or head.

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