Weightlifting and weight lifting for fat burning

Just recently published my article about yoga and how beneficial it is to man in terms of standard goals: to lose fat and gain muscle. One dude in the comments tried to convince me that these awesome types of physical activity like swimming and weightlifting, has not helped him with his fitness goals. Unless, of course, his fitness goals were, for example, ability to scratch his head with your foot, it is not surprising that they did not help him. But these trump cards, like swimming and weightlifting, just can’t help with trivial tasks.

Usually weight lifting and cardio help to achieve real results in simple logic. If done correctly, weightlifting is a very effective method for the harmonious flow of the body and quick burn off the extra fat. The reason is simple: she is pretty damn energy intensive and heavy. Despite the fact that many men suggest weightlifting videos for both beginners and professionals, I personally do not recommend. No kind of training should be, because it’s not easy. Well before that something to read about techniques, work out with free weights type of dumbbells and weights, and then have to go to weightlifting. But maybe I’m wrong.

Weight lifting and metabolism

First, using weightlifting well burn off fat, because it increases the metabolic process in the short term and long term. Within a few hours after an intense session of weightlifting exercises you will increase the speed of metabolism. Besides, weightlifting will help you maintain your total muscle mass, constantly accelerating the metabolism, because, as we know, muscles consume a lot of calories.

Cardio causes a short increase in metabolic rate for an hour or two after the session. By the way, frequent and ill-considered cardio work wear will harm the volume of your muscle mass. The protein, which may seem strange to you, is also a source of energy, although its one molecule gives much less energy.

Changed body composition

The second reason to choose weight lifting to reduce body fat, is that cardio can make you lose weight, weightlifting will help you lose fat, changing your body composition.

A lot of people who run on a treadmill, ride a bike or stomp on the ellipse, you can lose 5-10 pounds. Those who are engaged with the rod, too, can lose 5-10 pounds, but these two dudes will look completely different. Muscle mass guy who deals with cardio, virtually unchanged. Working on your weight not only burns fat, but also replaces it with muscle, creating the so-called muscular corset, which makes you to consume more calories to sustain, accelerates metabolism and improves the overall quality of the body. It is because of the muscle corset there were all these myths about the transition of fat into muscle. Weightlifting is complex and strong alternative for cardio and crossfit for the standard swing. Not to mention fashion trends like yoga and Pilates.

There are certain differences programs weightlifting for weight gain from programs for burning fat.

Volume reduction

If you don’t use a lot of calories, it does not mean that you need to reduce the amount of exercise. Regular training for mass is different from training for reducing fat that it in complexity and volume is 2/3 of the training for the weight. Not too much. But the rest between sets can increase, not to seek immediately go to a higher weight, and easy to perform 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions. After a workout, eating carbs is not recommended, despite the fact that you really want. And eat after weightlifting just want like hell. Better to grab a protein shake — not bars, namely a cocktail, but also nice just to have a drink of water, come home and eat something there protein.

The intensity

As I wrote above, as you increase mass, you need to work with more or less constant weight. Usually in training for muscle growth, if you feel you can do 10 times, you can go to more weight, trying to get at least three or four times. It is important to work with a single weight as long as you don’t do REALLY much. For me it’s more like 20.

The other side of the issue is the reduction of weight. Many people believe that if you lower the weight to a minimum and onaniruya empty vultures 50 times, you can achieve impressive results in terms of burning calories. This is a big mistake. Of course, it will help you to burn calories, but muscles from this will not grow almost any way. In addition, the total amount of substances will slow down. In addition, after fat burning you will want to get some meat, and this will be more difficult.

Circular approach as cardio

Cardio can be completely unnecessary if you use a circular building workout. This type of training can be used as a gym with exercise equipment and a hall for weightlifting, but it provides such a metabolic boost that words can not say. If you’re going to do something like circuit training using lighter weight, make sure you include sufficient rest between sessions. The main thing — not to repeat a lot of approaches, otherwise you can suffer from overtraining. It is quite difficult and requires between workouts with two days of rest.

If you ever come up with the idea to abandon strength training to lose weight, this is a mistake. Beginners who prefer to only run and do cardio, you lose muscle mass.

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