We must continue to fight for the dream, if fate put you on your knees



Hello, dear editors of Bro. Read this article, and I have partly the same situation. Broken and lost, except that not going to the gym and most importantly — job problems. The fact that I am a stranger, came to St. Petersburg from Siberia, since the childhood dreamed to live here and for its efforts and success in school, luckily I made it. But, as it happens, the reality, alas, is different from anything we currently offer in the heads. So I just. Thought it would be a success, it will be work, money, happiness, travel abroad 4 times a year. But no. Nothing.

After parting live in communal work for 25 thousand rubles, and about any savings and speech can not be. No, I’m not complaining to you (all) came. And just advice to hear. Is this Not self-deception, dreams of a big beautiful city and the life in it? And how to deal with this challenge myself, what if does not work — then, you better try, but as I hadn’t tried — does not work? I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to go anywhere, but to live in such an environment is not enough nerves. Don’t want to be a doormat and give up, I don’t like to leave things unfinished, but it’s a dream, maybe, I don’t give to be something greater in their lives, holding on and fighting for something that does not want to be mine? Philosophy, her mother… Thank you for your attention! All shake your hand!

The answer

A powerful question. Grateful that you decided to ask us, so we figured, gave good advice and pointed out the direction. We will try, otherwise you will be very sad and bad, and we do not want.

Let’s start with your thoughts on dreams of the big city. Now you will be disappointed, because we tell you that it’s true — the people of the regions lying to yourself, hoping that Moscow or St. Petersburg will give them a better life. The States also have this illusion. Some friend from Oklahoma leaves the last hundred bucks to Hollywood to conquer it, and then realizes he can only conquer local brothels. The way of the success of cities is a myth, which hides a ton of destroyed lives. How many in Peter of people of moderate means? And how many rich? We believe that not even a third of the total number of citizens. The same mistake people do who emigrate to European countries to find happiness, wealth and peace, and have lots of responsibilities and chronic insomnia. You will say: «I Have a friend who could!». We are happy for him, but he’s in the minority. You know it.

Now you have to go into this. You were moved by noble motives — the dream of hell! But whether or not to follow her if she did not give any fruits? Drum roll… definitely worth it. But this should be done wisely.

The simplest solution would be to go back to Siberia and to live as bequeathed to us by the fathers. There is nothing wrong if you think so, as one of the heroes of the documentary film «Atlantis of the Russian North», which says that it is necessary to turn away from the ideals of a consumer society and finally begin to build a life around themselves — to become owners of their land. This makes sense, but you’re young, and you command the idea, as we understand, quite the opposite wing.Therefore, all your problems come in the lack of money. Don’t know what you have education, but it does not matter. If the work is not able to provide the level of life about which you dream, it’s time to change jobs. You may have to change the profile to find additional earnings, to change the company. If you’re doing something creative, then you absolutely need a regular job, because creativity will not support themselves, if nobody knows about you. If you say that this is easier said than done, we sympathize with you: if you can’t find another job, then do not want to change anything.

Need to knock on doors to try myself in different roles and not to fall into despair — despair infects the soul, makes us weak. So if you really live in a big city, you need money. Scared to quit? Try to find additional sources of income that don’t require a lot of knowledge. Very sorry that you didn’t tell about his dream and more about where you are working, we would recommend you ways of earning. But we can use our General article, there all is well painted.

Remember that any way of life associated with the dream, is not a smooth paved road, where every hundred meters you will serve cold lemonade. We have compared this way along the forest paths, which often pass through the swamps, puddles and mud. This test is not for everyone, so most people lives as they see fit, not as they want. His move you have proven that you can challenge yourself to walk into the unknown to find myself. Now it is important to remember the mood and to adequately assess the situation around him. You can change it? Try to answer this question. You might have to make a tactical retreat to gain strength, to normalize my life, to provide themselves with financial cushions,» that it was possible with new forces to rush into battle — and it’s not shameful, but prudent. Life is a war, not a battle. And sometimes it is better to act the brain and not to go ahead. This is not the first your problems and believe us, not the last.

In General, if to speak in a friendly way, without any high rhetoric, life in the big city requires big money. If your dream is not possible without living in a city, you have to stay and to find other (or additional) ways of earning. Better get on my feet financially, even if you have to work where you don’t want. But when you have money, you can do this with triple speed to go for his dream. In towns like Peter, we need to be very mobile, especially those who arrived there with a bare ass.

If you have a job better, then fuck the human relationship with the boss and work where they pay more. Earning potential in Peter is much more, than in Siberia. Think about some ways you never thought of. If you read the book «Animal farm», I clearly remember the horse, who tried and worked, worked and tried, and then died from the labor. Here no need to do so — be flexible and work more brains. Don’t paint yourself into a corner, but don’t give up — you’ll regret it. Ask your question wording manygoodtips.com

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