We may hate the Internet?

Work.com.ua_19.01.2015_CE2hLWlortxyyKeyboard and mouse – your faithful companions in an exciting journey across the expanses of the omniscient Internet. You can call on all four sides in search of the necessary (and often not) information getting into the far corners of the world wide web. Here you can get acquainted with the girl, and buy an elephant with the same success, but if you search God, you are Almighty in this abyss. But there are some disgusting aspects that make you grit your teeth in anger. Things that put a computer monitor screen under a blow, literally, after another five minutes, and you’ll break his mighty fist. Finally, you just want to close the damn browser, but we know that you don’t do it, so just read on.

1. Auto-start video

Chrome copes with the function of auto-start videos. Let’s say you have more than ten tabs open and two of them are running video ads, which you did not pay attention. And that’s when it makes itself felt, you’re frantically running back and forth between pages, trying to figure out a noisy asshole, turn off the sound on the computer and I am glad that your boss is not in the office.

2. Trolls and stupid

Freedom of speech on the Internet is both a gift and a curse at the same time. Here you can find thousands of different forums on a variety of subjects where people share their ideas, thoughts and knowledge on many issues. Unfortunately, adequate most often diluted people, who through their virtual behavior like disgruntled monkeys at the zoo. They instead swim in the wealth of knowledge reasonable cause mankind your emotions, trying to provoke or openly become personal. It all depends on your experience with similar characters and level of exposure. In any case, progressive human stupidity can not get angry and be indifferent to the emotional guy.

3. Memes

A gallery of images and sets of phrases on all occasions helps people with a limited vocabulary to look in trend. It’s annoying. But what irritates the most? When you offer your friend a drink «Uzbekoilgas». Here until you realize that you already infected with this shit and was the victim of a mass Internet-idiocy.

4. Social network

Here you went to «Vkontakte» to check new messages, and in the next frame at three in the morning and funny cat pictures on the screen. Or worse: you are registered with «Classmates» to my mother’s request to find the great-niece three times removed grandfather. Found. But that cesspool has consumed you, and now you put five with the pros on the pages of people very strange and can’t stop. Of course, social networks have undeniable advantages. This is a huge advertising niche, you could start your own blog, chat with people living halfway around the world, to see pictures of the former, because she believes that the world needs to know what she eats for Breakfast. But anyway, social networks are a killer of your time and productivity.

5. Terms of service

The terms of service, terms and conditions – call it what you want. This is the small window that POPs up and requires you to put a checkbox next to «I Agree» before you can complete the setup software or go to a website that is regularly visited. Times change, the wording, language and content – the text remains boring, but the meaning is the same:

    • you use the site at your own risk;
    • any thing that you do on our website may be used against you;
    • the agreement is required.

6. Pop-UPS

Finally you found something worth your precious attention. The pleasure of reading an interesting article spoils unexpectedly pop-up window that offers to buy remedy prostatitis or subscribe to information updates of the website. Isn’t that cute? The website wants you to give it to the owners email address and other personal information so they can send you a message – just something… But the reaction was not long in coming: «Freaks! I don’t want to know about your articles! I’m trying to read exactly this! Choke your mailbox, which I created specifically for spam! And your letters will die there among millions of other such stupid mailings!»

7. Provider

And last… Over the Internet you have to pay every month. And this is, perhaps, annoying more than anything.

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