We love younger brothers

manygoodtips.com_8.09.2014_1Y4uzBtvW3jkNIn the lives of many men father is a key figure, a role model, a benchmark of all that you have identified with the concept of «real man». But if your family has another blood relative, a male, older in age, you can be sure whatever bad things he’s done, you close with your father, in his eyes you are no less important and a key figure, which, whether he likes it or not, the boy would take the example of a lifetime. Or, conversely, a lifetime of trying to outdo your successes and blow your nose.

The younger brother will always be «small», you will irritate and annoy you to the grave you are responsible, at least in their own eyes, and he still deserves your love because…

1. He always knows who is not good enough for you

After another breakup with another love of your life, it will come to you first and tell you that it is always a gut feeling — this nasty chick is too stupid to realize how lucky she was let go. And breaking through depressuha they roll, you realize that the mouth of this adult baby, now speaketh the Holy truth.

2. He loves you unconditional brotherly love. No matter what

While mom thinks you blow bubbles when watching tenth dream, your brother opens a window so you could get home after a night out to a party. No matter how many fights, mischief and quarrels you had, it remains a part of your family, where you are loved, despite the fact that you’re such a freak and a serial dummy.

3. He speak the same language

You don’t have to choose the expression to be ashamed of striking figures of speech which blush hardened sea wolves. And let the face of your bad influence, but to your brother you can be yourself. And shared jokes and stories, hints and innuendo that are clear only to you, pleasantly warm the soul when others rage of that not fucking understand what the hell you laughing for half an hour.

4. He always knows how to make you laugh

The result of the preceding paragraph. Most often you have a similar sense of humor and dumb jokes that passed, apparently, the legacy.

5. He appreciates your advice

You will teach him how to talk to the first girl. Will tell you the detailed theory about the birds and the bees. Will teach a lesson of style and desired behavior. Will Express an authoritative opinion about his new job, because after you experience! In General, happy to share his experience, which he with no less happy to accept.

6. It keeps your secrets

These, with secret mark of importance and strict confidentiality. This is the man whom you can trust your darkest secrets with no judgment. That does not negate caustic jokes and mockery, which in an hour will make you regret about vibulthani secrets.

7. You can always talk

Even if not spoken for 2 days, or two months. It does not matter. It’s not a friendly relationship, which one way or another the necessary makeup. It will help to get up if you fell, no matter the distance and time of silence, you are divided physically but not spiritually, and emotionally.

8. He’s your biggest fan

Of course,your mom and grandma will always be proud of you. Father, sternly frowning, shake a hand, rejoicing in your success. But the younger brother will always be in absolute awe of you and your achievements. He will shout about your victories on every corner and brag about them at every opportunity, but more often not, the case.

9. He’s on your side

Even in the most disastrous situation, he’ll cover for you in front of his parents. In that case, if the case has a distinct smell of kerosene.

Because only he can be the cause of your hemorrhoids, an epic of grief and anger.

10. He is the guardian of your modesty

Even if you are arrogant and your ego swollen to the size of the Sahara desert, he will always find a way to pull you down to earth. He remembers the humiliating stories from your past, will perform hopak on all your patients the blisters, and you will find an effective way to make you feel according to their level of development. But you gladly do for him the same. Reciprocity is a good thing.

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