Watermelon with vodka

watermellow vodka2021572403

I can’t really original recipes. But today, quite masculine, and why? Because it has vodka.

So, to prepare this amazing dish will surely enjoy your girlfriend, we need:

— 2 cups vodka;

— 2 cups of boiled water;

— 2 bags of gelatin;

— 2 bags of colored gelatin.

— 1 small watermelon.

Preheat water to boiling water in the microwave. Cut watermelon into halves. Pull the flesh of the watermelon, making it a sort of bowl. Try not to make holes. Solutions two packets of gelatin in one glass, and two bags in the other. Wait a while, stir the gelatin to completely dissolve. Pour the gelatin on the halves of the watermelon. From top to pour a glass of vodka. With the help of a blender or mixer grind the flesh of the watermelon and get the juice, profitroi and add in half of watermelon. Leave the beauty to cool overnight.

Get cut the way you usually cut a watermelon treat comrades.

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