Water sports, or sex in the water


Water — the most precious of natural substances. Look at the flowing water as good as on fire, and if you put hands in water, you don’t get first degree burns. Furthermore, water affects the human body the most useful physical action. Her touch relax, a good shower makes you a nice massage, a warm bathroom is a great way to relax muscles after a hard workout. In General, some solid pros, man! In addition, the water can be enjoyed just stunning, like no sex, provided that everything goes correctly. The best advice we can give you about sex in the water — or spontaneous. And now for more specifics!

What water?

Water fits the different; most importantly, of course, that she was clean, but then you never know.


The advantage of sex in a hot tub, convenience and total relaxation. You can eat strawberries, drink wine and slow fuck like a lazy Panda. Meet all low-lying needs! Beauty!


The pool and Jacuzzi is always synonymous with luxury. It is understandable, dude! If you ever were in a great hotel even in Turkey, you probably loved to stand at the bar and consider all those women in erotic bikinis with thousands of fasteners. Sex at night in the pool is a great way to meet a girl and to feel a kind of lazy extreme, shaking from what can now reach the pool cleaner and to get rid of the libertine to hell.


Cheap and cheerful. And still very slippery. Collecting water, arrange the romance, respectivel water on the floor, threatening to flood the neighbors below. Had a rough day at work? Enter the tub or climb into the shower! Postures for making love, of course, specific. First, you can have sex in the shower in a pose like, «she leaned on the wall, and you fell back,» and then to go and lie down in the tub. Details on different poses, look here.

The ocean or sea

Vacation was great? Are you going to shift from the cold Motherland in a warm country? Yours endless blue sea and endless ocean. Closer to the evening or even night can be secretly resort to the beach and make it their dirty business. Take her bikini pants down and let’s do something for which you were born, lazy rolling waves. Although the chance that you get caught, great. But the chance that you will release even more. I think that these would-be lovers in the resort countries a lot.

Tips for those who want to enjoy water sports»

If you really want to have sex in a liquid medium, and the water element attracts more and your friend, here’s some life advice.

Protection. In the case of sex with a trusted partner and sex with a charming blonde girl you met on vacation, don’t forget about protection. You never know what! A condom will work in water! There is even a special «gum,» with very clever grease that doesn’t wash off. If the rubber band accidentally slipping, you can get some kind of infection. And can become a dad.

Grease. Speaking of lubrication. The worst part of having sex in the water — lack of natural lubrication, which famously washed off with water. To poke into a dry vagina your Johnson very unpleasant fate, especially when not so long ago, it was absolutely wet, and then water washed away the grease, and now she is dry as the Sahara desert. Use water resistant lubricant such as silicone based. It slips just perfectly! And then the remains of the tube can be used for anal sex — provided that the girl likes.

Sperm doesn’t swim. There is a chance that your «tadpoles» get in the girl’s body, but that chance is extremely small, since they can’t swim in the water, and even if they are close to a vagina, go away, already in the uterus, they are unlikely. But in spite of that, the chance of getting pregnant the girl is, for example, when a member remains in the vagina for some time after sex. This is enough for fertilization, so use a condom or other contraceptives.

The risk of water love

Getting stuck in each other. Some dudes really believe that because of the strong pressure under the surface of the water, they can get stuck in each other. But this is nothing more than an urban legend, don’t believe in it. You don’t have sex at depths of several hundred meters?

Cold. The water in the ocean, the pool and the sea at night can be unexpectedly cool, although it would seem, the day it should be like milk. It may happen that because of the unusual conditions you have will not stand, man. Be ready! But the chance that half will appear, much larger. I think the guy is just afraid of the scene.

Watching you. If you decided to have sex in a public place, be prepared for the fact that with a probability of 50% you someone will see. It may be that you will see the same couple that wanted to have sex in a public place. So if you from this uncomfortable fact, it is not necessary…

The last word

Sex in the water can be cool. Even if it is spontaneous, it would be nice if it was prepared, otherwise all of those problems about which I have written above, can not be avoided. In any case, the love of women both on land and in water.

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