Watch from the tree of the Amazonian


Scientists are still struggling historical mystery: that people began to use the first stone or wood. Most likely, we can never know for sure, but to deny the importance of wood under the influence on the development of humanity, certainly not worth. For centuries we created from this material a variety of things: weapons, agricultural tools, cookware, household items, figurines and of course the whole house. A truly valuable gift of our civilization, which has brought us a sense of what is beautiful and allowed us to do what we like.Today, people still strive to revive the beauty in a nameless «skin of nature» — the proximity of the wood returns us to the beginning, so handmade wood products are so valuable. However, to find in our time of experienced craftsmen who have been able to create something worthy of the craftsmen of past centuries, is not easy. Guild such professionals has gone, but now instead of the wood going under the auspices of companies. Russian firm EcoStyle boasts products from real professionals, courtesy of offering a wide range of products to order and to suit any taste.

You know, what’s the value of wood products except symbolic meaning — especially such things never look cheap and always fit into any clothes and other accessories because their color scheme always perfectly neutral. But more important than practical use, because wood does not oxidize, losing color, and the bioflavonoids contained in it have a beneficial effect on the skin. In addition, they are inexpensive.

On the website EcoStyle can order a set of authentic accessories: glasses, phone covers, bow ties, and incredibly stylish watchesthat work on the mechanism of Japan.As a material for watches, you can choose black or mahogany, maple or guaiaco is a tree from South America is known for its healing properties (as, indeed, most plants of this continent); but you can buy a mix of these «ingredients». Generally, there are about one hundred thousand species of trees, so if you want, can strain professionals, so they created something cool with baobab or the California redwoods (although it is unlikely that you will give to cut one of the rarest plants on the planet). It is noteworthy that here are the watch Bewell brand, which has conquered Europe and has already established a representative office in Russia. Butterflies on «eco-site» also belong to them.

By the way, if you are still tormented by the question might look like a bow tie and comfortable to wear — very pretty and quite comfortable. And with the wooden case you don’t have to worry for the safety of the phone the next time it is falling. And don’t worry about inconvenience — no abrasions on the skin will not be perfect due to manual processing. In General, you yourself can verify this: order this gift from anywhere in the country. And no matter whom it is prepared — real wood always brings warmth and comfort, especially in winter.

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