Waste time on training, not on it

Forrest GumpFor many dudes in the gym — a place where you can meet people, relax from work and only in the third turn to swing. At least is the impression, when you honestly plow and rest between sets, checking the time on the clock, and the guys lazily go from one trainer to another. You guys completely forget that the rest time must be strictly regulated and not be stretched almost to ten minutes. We spend too much time in the gym for all sorts of crap, it comes from the inability to organize themselves. Today I will tell you where you’re losing valuable time and how to deal with it.

1. Locker room

If you are not sweating or your work day was a working day porter, wash before training and after is not worth it. Come home and take a bath at the same time and the muscles relax. If the sweat pours off you in buckets, so even the head was soaked, and you absolutely hate to be in that condition, need to wash. But seriously, what a thrill showering in a public shower, which is full of fungi, traces of someone else’s and germs? Yours truly once picked up a colored lichen in the General locker room.

But it’s not so bad, some guys walk around the locker room with a towel around his waist and hang out with other bro. Some even go around naked shaking his junk. Quickly came out, did their business and left!

2. To wait in line for equipment

Crowded gyms motivate. You come, you get in General, crazy rhythm, do it right and go. There is only one «but»: more or less good trainers are busy! And this is bullshit. If the vertical thrust, all bars bars, even dumbbells all engaged in some dudes, you have to wait a lot of time. Perhaps you should rethink your time training, because without sufficient rest between sets, they become ineffective. Another option: go to the gym closer to work or home. After work, at 18-19, people are always many, but later his number decreases. Closing down the gym are only the most persistent.

3. Isolated exercises

All exercises are divided into two types: isolated and integrated. Shake strictly isolated specific muscle groups and sometimes well-defined muscles. A different understanding of isolated exercises are those which affect a single joint. Comprehensive cover a range of muscles and are versatile. These include dead lifts, squats, bench press and whatnot. Examples of isolated exercises: French press lying, breeding hands with dumbbells, bench and extension legs in the simulator. If you don’t have much time and the task is relatively trivial (to increase the weight and remove fat), it’s better to do integrated exercises. You can do the exercise on the chest and the triceps. The same goes for biceps and back. Upper back and biceps. Isolated exercises are less energy intensive, that is, their implementation requires far fewer calories. A coach, by the way, beginners are not advised. If you have lagging muscle groups, isolated exercises will help you. In advanced Amateur the training is already two complex four or five isolated exercises.

4. Focus on the machines

Machine largely lose free weight. Of course, we should not abandon them completely, for example the vertical thrust with different handles — a good thing, but I personally suggest to leave them at the end of the workout. For beginners cars, of course, good, but that doesn’t mean neglect the free weights!

5. Not to take advantage of supersets

Supersets is an important part of training, which will increase your stamina, strength and strengthen muscles like no other. Using different indicators of speed of exercise, the presence or absence of encumbrances, you can take from training full use. You do a quick replay of exercises for certain muscle groups, relax and feel like a hero. Then come back again. Two exercises, no rest or rest for about 15-20 seconds — almost the same as between sets in the exercises. In addition, the supersets are good because they create some semblance of normal loads on the body. In life this, the antagonist muscles (biceps and triceps, for example) are often used universally in turn.

6. To drink water from the cooler or water fountain

Most often, the cooler or fountain is far enough away from the gym, where you’re swinging. Just carry a bottle of water.

7. Static stretching

All sorts of yoga-PA and other nagah. Static exercises, don’t get me wrong, a good thing. But dynamic stretching and warm-up better. Static stretching reduces the desire to exercise the muscles and greatly weakens them, which is not good. Dynamic stretching as it suggests to the body that now comes the time for difficulties. Static exercises such as «swallows» or stand on one foot on tiptoe in the end a good workout to relieve stress and stretch muscles.

8. Excessive warm-up

Typically, the warm-up lasts five minutes at a fast pace. We must remember that the muscles need to maintain a pleasant warmth and willingness to stress. If the warm-up process is delayed, heat escapes and the muscles think it’s charging. It is not always necessary to do a warm-up frame before each exercise. Sometimes you can do it in front of a set of exercises for similar muscle groups: shoulders, triceps and chest, and a separate warm-up before the set with biceps, back.

9. Aerobic workout

If you are in a fast pace, some time go to the gym, aerobic warm-up may be unnecessary. So, you disperse the blood, and your brain will be clear from the oxygen. Best warm up is to warm up the joints and to perform approaches with a small weight.

10. Conversations

There’s nothing worse than men who sit on the simulators, as women, and sharpened fritters. To speak with someone between approaches, but quickly, talking for 10 minutes not only useless for the body, but also harmful. And it is very annoying to any normal guy.

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