Washable keyboard from Logitech

Bro and their girlfriends! If you don’t like dirt, dust, sticky residue from jam and Cola, crumbs from pizza and generally kind to the cleanliness and neatness of things encountered (and work) every day, there’s good news – one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality computer peripherals company Logitech has announced the release of the keyboard that is not afraid of «water treatment».

Keyboard Logitech K310 can be washed directly under the tap without dismantling it and without suffering from looking over hundreds of keys.

Washable keyboard has keys with permanent inscriptions engraved on the surface with a laser. Such labels will not fade even after many washings the device detergent. So, friend, your Claudia will always be clean.

Also washable keyboard Logitech K310 is equipped with holes in the bottom, through which flows freely the liquid spilled on the keyboard. Even after full immersion in water, all components of the device fairly quickly dry.

New Logitech K310 will go on sale in the U.S. later this month, its price will not exceed $ 40 $. In Europe, the product will appear in the Oct. Well, friend, we begin to collect debris that would throw it into this keyboard!


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