Warren Buffett — who owns the billions and chewing buns


The rich are bound to have a whim — this is the default. Most often, these moods are expressed in the huge yachts and crowds of girls who bathe in expensive champagne. Psychologists say that it’s because these people got the money quickly and unexpectedly for themselves, being psychologically not ready for such wealth.

But there are other rich men, for example, the founder of IKEA, who goes on a fishing trip in old clothes on an old Volvo. To such children belongs the most famous and wealthy investor, owner of a huge state, kind and humble Warren Buffett. At the moment he owns 35 billions of dollars, but lives in the house for $31 500, rides on the old car and loves scones with sweet chocolate filling — can afford!


Wife Umarov was the most normal couple, the most common. But after their death, in the mid-nineties Polytechnic University in Brooklyn has received $ 175 million. Where do they get the money? Just they were friends of Warren Buffett, who in the mid-sixties persuaded them to invest where necessary.


What man is this? He was born in 1930, if you know history, you know that it was a difficult time. Buffett from childhood surprised her friends incredible memory. Especially in the field of numbers. Buffett’s father, Gordon, was a stockbroker and Congressman, it is not surprising that the boy began to show interest in such matters. At age 11 Warren bought his first three shares. Each share cost $ 38, the boy spent all their savings. First, the share price of a young Warren fell to $ 27, and then suddenly stood up. Warren didn’t want to take any chances and sold their shares. He earned his first $ 5. But then Buffett was waiting for an even bigger lesson: the next week the shares rose to $ 200 apiece. So Warren learned my first lesson: you have to be patient.


Teenager Warren Buffett was strange, he contrived to get their agreements in 14 years, a thousand dollars, which immediately bought a plot of land and almost immediately leased it to a farmer. The first big deal Warren got when invested in the idea put pinball machines in Barber shops.

In 1957, he convinced several friends to invest in his first company. And people were closely in Warren for 25 thousand «green». When the company was dissolved in 1969, the total amount increased by almost a third. In 1962, Warren bought shares of the textile industry, which at that time was not in the best condition. He invests in insurance and creates favorable conditions for the prosperity of the American textile. And the amount of money grows along with a huge variety of shares in the portfolio of Warren.


Strange, but Buffett’s personal life an amazing of course. One day the daughter asked the Warren money to get the car out of the garage of the airport — it was a pathetic $ 20. Buffett forced his daughter to write him a receipt. Up to a certain point most people believed that Warren Buffett hates donations, and most of his property will go to the use of his own charity Fund will go to the wife and kids. These people are terribly surprised when I found out that Buffett reports $ 37 billion to five different charities. It was a real break from the pattern!

In the life of Warren Buffett is more than just a wonderful person. He loves to play bridge with bill gates and strum the ukulele. He’s crazy about scones, and even bought a franchise that produces them. Given the enormous wealth of this man is avoiding luxury like the plague. His only passion can be considered jets — Warren just loves them wildly.

It is worth noting that Warren Buffett’s exceptional sense of humor and love to sneer at him. On the Internet you will find many quotes of this interesting person. The most famous: «in fact, I wear expensive suits, just to me they look cheap.»

Sadly, last year Buffett turned out to be prostate cancer at the first stage. It would be terrible if the world lost such a person.


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