Warren Buffett and his inspiring words

It was a bribe.field.ua_7.12.2014_OQIsHUxLvc1gg84-year-old Wareen Buffett, or as it is called, «Oracle of Omaha», is currently one of the richest people in the world, whose condition is estimated at 66.8 billion. He began to crank out their first financial manipulations at age six. The company is Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is a powerful engine that pulls more than 80 companies, while the shares of his company worth more than $ 210,000 per share. He is a brilliant businessman, charismatic leader and a man who is able to inspire others.

1. Know your business perfectly

«Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing and why.»Warren repeatedly in interviews talked about the fact that the skill and perseverance are able to win fortune. His multi-million dollar fortune – a great confirmation of this statement.

2. Consider every step

«I insist that a lot of time almost every day was spent trying to just sit and think. This is very rare in American business. I read and think. Thus, the more I read and think, and take less impulse decisions than most people in the business. I do it because I like this lifestyle.»Many businessmen and entrepreneurs tend to make impulsive decisions, sometimes in the hope of earning more risk losing everything. Buffett chooses a different path, different from the majority, believing that the principle «seven times measure» fits into the modern world, not only business.

3. Caution in every issue

«It took 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. Remember that, and you’re going to act differently.»Another universal rule, which is reflected in the old Russian proverb about the need to protect the dress again, and honor of his youth. You even can’t imagine how easy it is to ruin their image, to spoil the impression of themselves. Communicate with important people in your life, weigh every word, every action, even if it is an ordinary situation, not a discussion of the solution to the «million dollars».

4. If it’s bad, don’t make it worse

«The most important thing to do if you find yourself in a hole, is stop digging.»And if this hole thing will not baluysya is full of shit, don’t make waves, and calmly think things over. How did you get here? Why could not in time to retreat and allowed himself to drive in this shitty corner of the world on earth? Including the brain and analyze causal relationships. It is important to understand what you need to do. But it is equally important to feel when you need to retreat and do nothing. No extra movements and waste kilojoules. It’s not an escape. It’s time to rethink the strategy.

5. Connection with the right people

«You can’t do good business with a bad person.»The right business communication and a wide circle of friends and the right people – the key to a successful business. Now this type of business communication has its own definition, such as «networking». People attend seminars, trainings and lectures to learn about how to communicate with whom to communicate and where to find people for such communication. Why? Because it’s a business. And without it you can not do, covering my ass with the excuse of introvertness. You can afford to be a misanthrope and «not of this world» only when royally screwed. And before that, work your elbows to earn the privilege.

6. Don’t be too trusting

«I try to buy stocks of companies that are so wonderful that they can be managed by any idiot. Because sooner or later it will happen.»Trust between business partners is able to increase the efficiency and sustainability of their activities. You must be clear that the fruit in front of you, and to have a backup plan, if you throw. But, if it is correct to play cards and watch both, the last with you is unlikely to happen. Just remember that all good things must end, and be ready when the curtain will fall.

7. Appreciate what was before

«Someone is sitting in the shade of a tree today because someone long ago planted that tree.»You are successful partly because others have paved for you this way, gather up on this long road a hefty dose of bumps, bruises and intimidation. Be thankful to those who were here before you and helped you to be where you are now.

8. Know when to abandon ship

«If you sit in a hopelessly leaky boat, it is better to spend your energy finding a new one than to patch the holes.»Not every project is worth saving. You must always weigh the desirability of the work and possible benefits. And if the game is not worth it, ruthlessly to burn bridges, not sparing anything.

9. The power of habits

«Chains of habits are too light to feel, and too heavy to break.»Make sure that your «second nature» don’t you remember me, but reinforces personal growth.

10. Be sure of your success even when no one believes

«I always knew that I would be rich. I never doubted it for a minute.»You should always be convinced that will succeed. To convince yourself you need more time than to convince others. And, of course, these thoughts need to arrange the necessary action. It’s like two mandatory side of the equation, the solution of which will lead you to the cherished dream.

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