Warm and stylish: how to dress in the cold

manygoodtips.com_2.12.2016_mzVIC2mf358ckAs you may have noticed, winter has come early. Most of the country snowed and was frozen with frost, and the majority of the population in a panic to wear anything, not caring about style and practicality. If the population in this form came in «Fashion verdict», leading Kondrat would be enough. So as not to disgrace in front of his sweet Majesty Alexander Vassiliev, listen to our advice. You know us, we love it when the clothes are not only stylish but also practical.

Without any underpants on the street or foot

Winter wardrobe is the choice of discerning men, who have no time for youthful boast. The beauty for them is secondary, and health and comfort are paramount. So when the street catches a cold, they get a secret weapon — pants and taunt under pants. Although the word «pants» is archaic, it is correct to say «underwear», I think it sounds more impressive. Although the «underwear» is the name of the group of underwear, because there are armonici, thermal socks and more. But if other parts of the body can be insulated with other wardrobe items, the foot almost no other options. Thermal underwear keeps the temperature, not hinder, does not irritate, not rolled and not looks as something shameful. And most importantly, your precious body is saved from the vagaries of winter weather.

Sole solves all

November, sleet, slush. You’re walking down the street with a view of the winner, but my heart is sad because you just bought these shoes. And after talking to wise men: shoes had to take on a thick rubber sole. This is not about massive tibia or reptiles — now a lot of shoes with thick soles made under the classics, so choose the normal sole under his style will not be difficult.

So you not only give others to understand that follow the latest trends in the fashion world, but also spare yourself from unnecessary worries on Shoe care. The thick sole winter tires on the car who does not care a snowy mess and lakes of melted snow. These shoes will not let you get wet or freeze and even after all the tests will look civilized.

Layering is stylish and modern

manygoodtips.com_2.12.2016_28WT5xNFElTeGLong been known that several layers of thin clothing keep the heat in better than thick and warm like a stove sweater. If the closet are normal things, and taste things normally, you get a very stylish combination. For example, t-shirt, shirt, sweater, V-neck collar, and if the premises badly drown, or fat a little less than not at all, it can be top to complement the look of the jacket. Most importantly, things to look stylish, otherwise there is the risk of becoming similar to the Soviet engineer.

Take care of your palm

In winter it is very important to protect hands, to problems with the joints did not respond to you in your old age. In the end, not so nice when hands are cramping from the cold, especially in those regions where the winter is very humid. So get the gloves, can’t go wrong. This accessory is able to complement the image and to add solidity.

It is important not to get confused among the variety of material. Wool gloves — it is a good thing and gives the kid, but very impractical — you will not notice how wet through. Suede is beautiful, very warm, but also not very practical. Material salted, and expensive «gloves» look like they picked up on the street. The most practical option — leather, with good lining. And look respectable, and not dirty so much, but found even they have suede and wool will be warmer.

Turtleneck instead of a shirt

The philosopher Michel Foucault loved turtlenecks. Few remember what he was saying, but everyone knows that this same bald guy in the turtleneck. What a wonderful article of clothing in the winter. Excellent and very stylish replacement shirt. In addition, if you do not want to wear a thousand layers of clothing, then you can do the same turtleneck and wear it under a cardigan, sweater or jacket. This is still more an attribute of the classical style, and therefore turtleneck goes well with the same things that shirt (except for the tie and butterfly). The main thing is to pick the perfect size so that it is not hanging and not stretched on the body, like a latex Superman suit on the Jaba the Hutt.

What are the challenges in outerwear

Work.com.ua_2.12.2016_zgkfifovhOTV9Go over outerwear. Someone who likes parks, someone’s down jackets and someone’s coat. There is a matter of taste. But if you prefer a coat, take a coat. Cashmere, of course, will be warmer, but too expensive and wears out faster than the Chinese toe.

If you are looking for a really warm, nice jacket, choose the option with a thin layer of special insulation Thinsulate or goose down sewn into the lining of the ordinary. This jacket will have an extra warm layer and will therefore be warm, and not just to be worn.

The most important thing in the selection of clothing to find a quality brand, such as WhiteCrow. This is not Volvo, they have quality combined with style and beauty. Example — jacket-Kōen Park from the White Crow. Unlike Hilo jackets, it is possible to walk and at -20, because it is made of windproof and waterproof fabric and equipped with special thermoshrinkage lining. So now don’t complain that all winter clothes are very massive and uncomfortable. With this you can flaunt without injury.

No holes and podvorotov

Of course, to go with the ripped jeans in the cold — top moronic. Dumber — to come on jeans so that your hairy ankles peeking out from under the leg. It looks like this is not always the topic, and in winter only intensifies, arthritis you for old age.

Beating normal, tight, not leaky, not rolled jeans — it looks much more logical.

All natural!

Try to focus on natural fabrics. Yes, it is more expensive and is not always comfortable and practical to wear. But unlike synthetic materials, natural fabrics breathe and your weary winter skin and have enough stress. Besides, nothing beats natural wool.

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