Want to travel but no money?

manygoodtips.com_23.05.2014_cxfF05F21xyafSomeone who likes to sit at home and never in my life do not travel outside of their territory or region. And someone unbearable to sit in the four walls, because they put pressure on him from all sides. This man, burdened with wanderlust, you want to leave your home or even a city to explore and discover new experiences. But the reality is cruel, and we absolutely forget about such «trifles» as money. Without them, nowhere to go, without them, nothing to do. Like and think that we need a not so big amount, but as it turns out, there is not only money, but also opportunities. How to start travel when low on funds, but really want?

1. Start with watching movies about travel

The best alternative for a young traveller — watching movies and reading articles about travel. Understand that this is not the best replacement, but what to do when with time and money tight? What good movies about different parts of the world and movies like the road movie? That will help you understand whether you love to really travel or just want a change of scenery. If you prefer the second, do something different, different from your routine. Some people think that they are travellers at heart, but really they just don’t know how to have fun in another way.

2. Superactivate

No money for travel and summer on the nose? Works great! Take second jobs, freelancing, do shabashki and sliderui a lot of money. Of course, if you’re on the main working my ass off almost to the hernia, to take on additional activity is not necessary. But if you only think you’re phenomenally tired, begin to knock off not to live on one salary. In summer, relax!

3. Start saving and stop inappropriate

Earning more money is not enough. Yes, you heard right! What’s the point in living, if you immediately spend? Our needs grow with our jobs. Yesterday you were eating cheese «Russian» and was very pleased by this, today you experienced the beauty of «Dor blue» and only buy it. This is your new requirement, which is not easy to give up! In addition, do not forget ardently cherish the love of modern man to promote themselves. You had a bad day, and the chief yelled at you? Time to buy a bottle of porter and sit down to read manygoodtips.com after work! You had a good day and you smiled at the girl from HR? Time to go to the store for a bottle!

I want this summer to go somewhere? You’re going to indulge on occasion and for no reason! Reduce the number of somatisation to a minimum! You will quickly realize that they are not as necessary as you thought.

4. Be ruthless towards yourself

You think it’s impossible to raise a decent amount of money to go to you beloved Japan? Nonsense! All this is quite real! Work put, do not allow yourself the odd one out because all these little things garbage compared to the performance of the long-awaited dream: to go somewhere or visit a place you so desperately wanted. If you have to eat only buckwheat and rare boiled lumps, nothing bad will happen. You’ll even lose weight! But in old age you will have something to remember: you fulfilled the dream was ruthless to himself and really, really tried!

Don’t let complex ideas, which is supposedly impossible to stop you. The only person’s fault that you can’t get what I want, is you.

5. Plan ahead

Gather as much information as possible about the location, tickets, prices, best places to eat and stay. Better to find out right now. Look, when ticket prices will be lower. It is wise to buy the tickets six months before travel. The same goes for train tickets in a certain period of time they are very cheap.

To determine the most optimal and inexpensive route that you’ll cut in the city, where you’re going. If it is a tour of several cities, make a plan, down to the hours spent in each city. You have to be quick and swift, quickly looked up, quickly ate and went on. Buy a roomy backpack and a waterproof jacket — they are your reliable companions.

Not to think about where to sleep and what to eat, accumulate sufficient amount of money. If you are unpretentious in life, and stop in hostels or communities of people who travel around the country and the world. We checked — this is normal.

6. Memories

While you diligently save and do not allow yourself too much, wear your thirst for travels, movies and memories. You have beautiful photos and favorite places? It’s time to sort through and consider. By the way, if you are in new places, photograph them, then remember to on winter evenings, how cool were you this summer tour!

7. Make necessary purchases

Without equipment and training is possible to start any one major event. Journey — the same garbage. You know, it’s really cool to travel on the trip? Books! The best entertainment that you can think of. You don’t want to listen to drunken conversations of fellow passengers? It is very desirable to acquire, for example, e-book, because the real end quickly, and weigh a lot.

Dressed for the season and remember the peculiarities of the climate in the place where you’re going. Come to Peter in a light jacket — not the best idea, the weather is changeable, too. Sports style — your choice. A backpack or gym bag in the teeth, waterproof shoes on your feet, comfortable clothes for yourself. Do not pull a lot of clothes, only the Essentials. During the journey, vests and pants — the most necessary things. Low baggage, low gadgets!

8. Start Dating

Remember all these neohippi: they travel around the country without much trouble because in every town they have a connection that will give them shelter. Why don’t you do the same? Dating will help you to gain a foothold in a new place, will provide free tours and feeding. In addition, you will meet people from different cities, learn about their real life and see the world a little differently, unlike the traditional tourists.

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