Want to Mars one way?


Fiction of the past promised us in the 2000s, the missions to Mars, space Odyssey and things like that. But we are fooled again, but we have Androids and Apples — is where to turn, man!

There is such a program, Mars One, you probably have heard about it. The gist of it is that Mars sent an expedition with everything you need, but one way. It is understandable, with the current level of technology development would have to fly for a long time, in addition, on a new plan to settle permanently. At first, everyone thought that no one on this dubious job will not subscribe as you leave everything: family, friends — and go to live on the Red planet. But it turned out that lonely misanthropes wanting to get the fuck with mother earth abound.


No joke, dude, 80 thousand people from all over the world have applied for membership in the program! The largest number of applications was filed from USA — 17 324. In second place, surprisingly, China — 10 241 people, followed by England with 3581 applications. Our country together with Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Argentina and India is included into the group of ten countries whose residents submitted the most applications.

Strange, but no special skills from the applicants is not required, except connectivity and survivability is a little alarming (maybe one?). In the next 19 weeks will be selected 6 groups of 4 students each. And they will in 2022 to fly to the Red planet.

You still have a chance, man.

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