Want to make a drunkard friend, friend? Then this cocktail recipe will help you

Today I will tell you, friend, the recipe is simple cocktail, which is pretty damn strong and, despite this, great drink. During my job as a bartender with his help, I solder like girlfriends and girlfriends bro who asked to help them in this difficult matter.

The recipe I’ll give the classic and simplified, that you can cook at home or at the party anyone of the Bros.

Mai tai (the name translates as «divine» and fully reflects the taste of the drink):

  • white rum — 20ml;
  • Golden rum — 20ml;
  • black rum — 20ml;
  • Cointreau — 20ml;
  • orange juice — 30 ml;
  • pineapple juice — 30ml;
  • grenadine — 10ml;
  • vanilla syrup — 10 ml.

It is in a shaker, pour all ingredients, pre-poured ice, as it should carry the whole thing 10-15 seconds and poured into a glass. As decoration perfect orange circle, cut to the middle.

Now we optimize the cocktail under the «home conditions». Instead of a shaker, you can use any bottle with a wide mouth or a jar, which was sealed.


  • rum (any) — 80ml;
  • pineapple juice — 30ml;
  • orange juice — 30 ml;
  • vanilla syrup — 20ml (you can make it yourself, adding the vanilla while cooking the sugar syrup, about how to do it, I already told you earlier).

That’s all. The result is a cocktail of strength of 20 degrees, and alcohol is not felt. Yes that there, I myself like to sometimes drink it for a Mai tai, because of the high degrees, the lack of gas and a small volume, you can drink them all night, which is not true of the mixed drink in the spirit of whisky-Cola.

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