Want to live in a dirty dumpster for a lot of money?


You will not pay, no hope. You’re going to pay for it! And you have to go all the way to San Francisco, where the most expensive real estate in the world. Rent bedrooms in an unremarkable area costs huge money.

A group of young advertisers decided to draw attention to the problem of a too expensive rent in a highly original way. They calculated the area of the dust bin, litter bins, benches, mailbox, sewer and a few «seductive» places in the city. The amount they are correlated with the average price of property in the city, took into account the proximity to historical places, illumination, and other spurious factors. In several of these objects they attached the announcement of the lease. It turned out that staying in a large dumpster will cost you $5000 in the box — $2100, in a large street lamp — $4100 (due to good light and frequent cleaning), sewer — $3500 in the pot for the tree in the center of the city — $7500. All this added a funny explanatory inscriptions.

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