Want to learn self-defence? Go to hand to hand combat system Kadochnikova

Sooner or later everyone gets into a situation when you need to escape, or to punish someone who showed aggression in your address, or try to close the vital parts of the body, so they are not butchered under the boots of the enemies.

So, what I have it all. Must be able to stand up for themselves, that everyone knows, and every other bro mentioned something in the spirit of «Yes I have five years of Boxing, if that will make it so that not pump out». One will know and few will get you. In General, in order to survive it is necessary to develop non-sporting martial arts of the cold war», and self-defense system, which to learn even a student or a fragile girl (and therefore, the options in the spirit of «jump up and give me vertuhaya in the jaw» is clearly not appropriate).

Systems for self-defence is today very much, I propose to engage in melee combat according to the Kadochnikov system, which is in service with the GRU and other law enforcement agencies. In spite of this, the whole system is built on the laws of physics do not need to be a huge wardrobe to get even more type. Thus, having mastered the basic principles and paying a sufficient amount of their time practicing the basic moves you will be able to fend for themselves using the opponent’s strength against him. Since this system is used by security agencies, you will master ways to work against the armed men (ranging from sticks and finishing of firearms and traumatic weapons).

Well not to be unfounded, I propose to you, friend, to check out a video on this topic. (the quality of it was disgusting, at best, to find, alas, failed, but the system’s capabilities, you’ll understand).

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