Want to know how to learn to draw with a pencil?

Why people want to learn to draw with a pencil

Goals in the world quite a lot, and they have each their own. ‘ve got a funny idea for a comic and have the desire to create, after all, who besides you, will draw your story? People fanateyuschie from any game, movie or comic book learning to draw just to portray their favorite characters. And then there are those who want to draw arts with the purpose to earn money.

For a start, ask yourself one simple question: why do I need to learn how to draw with a pencil and what I want to portray? When you answer it, you’ll know what to do next.

Basic knowledge on how to learn how to draw with a pencil

how to learn to drawOn the one hand, it seems simple, but I assure you, this is absolutely not true. Of course, you don’t have to teach the basics of reproduction, as would be the case you can use paint, but instead will have to become familiar with the basics of the transmission of the Umbra and penumbra, and it is not easy, but it is almost half the battle. Always have to start with the basics, which we’ll tell you a little bit.

1. «Selection of tool»

Any business should start with training, and our case is no exception. Find the answer to the question how to learn to draw with a pencil without an answer to the question how to choose a pencil is difficult.

All pencils vary in softness, this should be known to you from school lessons of drawing. The softness and hardness of the pencils are marked differently. Now quite hard to find pencils that have indicators of softness/hardness are referred to as «TM», «T» and «M». Of course they are, they are, for example, produces a firm «Designer», but most of the pencils it is possible to meet with the Western label «HB», «B» and «H».

how to learn to draw with a pencil

  • «B» (from the English. blackness) is the softest pencil that also gives the darkest shade;
  • «H» (from the English. hardness) — solid and «light» pencil;
  • «HB» — standard (hard-soft) pencil in addition to combinations of TM» and «HB» indicated by the letter F (from the English. fine point).

In addition to the letters indicating the softness, the marking pencil you can meet the numbers, and that you are not confused, look at the chart, which shows what shade will draw each of the pencils

Otten Parking

«HB» is hard-soft pencil. The man who is able to draw on a fairly good level, it can do anything: a dark plot, outline, shadow, touch. Of course, it will not give enough deep dark color, which usually yields a pencil marked «HB», but the look of the drawing is quite decent. Dudes who think they know how to draw, may say if a pencil of any hardness can draw anything, but famous artists are always on hand several different pencils. You should always have a pencil marked «HB» — this pencil is universal in nature. Them to identify the main lines, primarily because it is fully washable. Pencils increased hardness is much more complicated: after erasing remains «scratch», which are difficult to remove. Of course, with the experience convinced of the usefulness of the pencil (thin the «blueprint» to do really cool), but better is better to start with hard-soft simply because it is easier to wash.

Pencils sorted. So learning how to draw with a pencil without any extra costs? Don’t interrupt me, man! Everything gradually.

2. Strokes


First you need to deal with shading and hand position during drawing. Each position gives a different pressure on the stylus, and consequently, different thickness and strength of the line. Control of pressure comes with experience, so we recommend that you for optimal results, to train as often as possible. Get yourself a small notebook or in a cage, or no markup and practice. The more the better. Try different pressure angle, the different hand position and different type of shading, remember that proper shading can make up for the bad drawing. So one of the answers to the question «How to learn to draw» will «Learn how to hold a hand and stroking!» But here we to you not assistants. You have to choose one thing that you need and are comfortable.


3. A sense of shapes and shadows

In the first stage of drawing is very important to know what the sense of form. If you have basic knowledge in the drawing area, then it will be easier. To transfer the shape of the object can be a correct transmission of light through strokes of different strength and direction. Remember, man, strokes do not have to be almost invisible, the visual roughness of the pattern gives it character. If you are not able to learn how to convey the play of light and shade with a simple pencil, first try to learn how to draw using two colors in this Noir-style. Thus you will learn to understand how the shade actually goes and plays on different surfaces, also drawing in the style of «sin City» by Frank Miller will help you to learn a few special techniques. First, buy a good black gel pen, poor pen will not cover the paper surface a uniform black. When you begin to work, you like to draw, bought myself a liquid liner or a technical pen.

It is very difficult to teach someone how to paint in a small article. To the question «how to learn to draw» answers very much. So ask yourself the question: «What do I want to draw?» If you want to draw people, it is highly recommended that you study the basics of anatomy. Of course, a lot of people will tell you that the anatomy — it is the excess that is much easier to download a special app on your phone, tablet or computer where you can put a person in different poses and look at it from different angles to draw it, but, believe me, anatomy is very important. If you’re going to draw in comic style or anime style, you anatomy, of course, not particularly useful (but not hurt), but such programs are needed. But what you need certainly is the knowledge of proportions. Google them! What proportion will give all your work a sense of completeness. Even if you’re going to draw a comic or anime style, then you need to know the anatomy of the human hand.

hand drawing

anatomiya-dlya-hudojnikovA good reference can be considered a book . Hogarth «Drawing dynamic hands for artists. The textbook». Just say that the draw hand is the most tedious and difficult thing in drawing a person, believe me.

How to learn to draw with a pencil the figures of people right? Read the book anatomy for artists, e.g. «Anatomy for artists» Ene Barchai, many artists it is, however, not in taste, but this is a purely professional holivary.


Stan Lee-how to draw comics

technique-figure-fenteziFor each goal of drawing has its own literature. Want to know how to learn to pencil comics in the American style? Read books by Christopher HART. He has a lot of reference materials on different occasions. His book will help you learn to draw monsters, comics, learn the basics of building a page in the comic book, learn the basics of the art of drawing fantasy or science fiction. Also very good kneeguru industry of comics, Stan Lee «How to draw comics». And another tip — read more comics and pererisovyvali. For drawing fantasy and NF good book «drawing Technique fantasy» Bruce Robertson, however, sometimes it is obsolete, because many of the techniques can be easily done on a PC.

risunok_karandashomFor most artists the passion to recommend a book Gina Franks «drawing pencil» is a book of the old artist, master of graphics and drawing in pencil. It will teach you all the basics of drawing with pencil.

Want to know how to learn to draw with pencil manga or Japanese comics? There are so many books on the subject. Be sure to watch to see tips for drawing the characters of the main characters, after all manner of painting and issues the nature of the characters. Girl-the magician from «the Slayers» Lina Inverse, for example, a pattern for drawing more realistic characters need other tips.

With the landscape much more difficult. Here you will have to study the laws of perspective, composition, the concept of «Golden mean» and all that stuff. Here can advise you more to draw from.

The most important question is «How to draw». Practice is very important! The best, in our opinion, the way practices are redraw pictures and drawing from nature. The more often you’ll do it, the faster you’ll learn to draw.

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