Want to get in the army


You dudes are the bomb. Your articles teach, explain, open your eyes to the world, your advices help to cope with life’s difficulties. But for some reason I listen to your advice, not the advice of parents, particularly the father’s advice was supposed to be for me authoritative. But it so happened that as a child I had no male role model, had the typical male Hobbies, educated women rose to the cloth, not really, I’m at the bottom, but I realize that I don’t have the strength of character. In the army was derailed, and when turned 27 I realized that I lost because the army is the school of life.

The army is a men’s military camp, where should be the formation of man’s nature are brought up the rigor, the discipline, comes the realization that you’re not a boy anymore, and the last army test.

Where and how I can fill this experience, to be in similar, or better identical conditions? I would like MAXIMO to become a formidable man, fearless, resolute, confident.

The answer

In your case, only by a psychiatrist on the couch. I can tell you with precision, authority: army absolutely will not make the complete rags of man. If the inner stem and no brain, it is possible demobilizovalsya beaten, humiliated chukhanov. Sadists and assholes it makes complete animals. Reveal a terrible secret: the purpose of the army is not in the upbringing of the male qualities, and in maintaining the number of trained, combat-ready military contingent on the territory of the country. For many, it generally goes unnoticed, whereas others make the poor cattle. So there is no guarantee that the army would have made you a disciplined, responsible man. Some of them even hung up, but it’s certainly the extreme.

In General, in the army pretty boring and monotonous as in the later films Mikhalkov. Many times seem ridiculous and boring. You can get polystom Wallpaper to the obstinate customer, who causes all to alter – the same thing. And even in the army I always want 2 things: to eat and sleep. So you can go to the hermits in the forest or in the mountains. By the way, the harsh peaks is also very good temper, so the mountaineers are strong-willed.

In the army teach independence – vahtovim go to the North or numerous mines, fish factories in the far East. Work 12-16 hours, good pay and harsh male environment. Still only for physical labor pay.

Of course you can just take and break out of your comfort zone to move to another city where nobody know where no relatives, and to complete a quest called «to Make a fortune, start a family and earn on an apartment.» Also very disciplinary.

If faithful to the noble ideals of the army, go volunteer to some hot spot, the army with all extremes, especially with the possibility of death. And you can be captured, and break the psyche. But it will come back confident and cool, he fought well.

You can do an extreme sport, rafting. Fearlessness, determination and self-confidence in a helpless contact with the raging elements is guaranteed.

And, you can just have a family, children and a couple of loans. And if the understanding that the welfare of the family is in your hands won’t come if you don’t take responsibility then nothing will help, even a kayak.

It’s sad that male role model you have at hand was not. But if you our advice, and not only ours, not only listened, but also was trying to perform, and such issue would not have arisen. After all, we all wrote about nature, and about confidence, and determination, and, lo and behold, all these methods do not include a trip to some special camp to transform into a man, who, apparently, run by Hulk Hogan and Jean Reno.

Dudes doing actions, responsibility for your word, reliability. If in 27 years you have not learned this, it is unlikely that something will help. In this age, it’s time to act like a man.

Actually, in your case it is better to grow up, start working, to follow the words, analyze their actions and thinking to become a normal person. Discipline yourself and don’t act like animals. When you walk in good conscience and believe in his innocence, awakens self-confidence. And at the same time, get some exercise, that was not so scared for myself.

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