Want to do crossfit? You should know a few things

manygoodtips.com_22.04.2014_Gt4zkEHOxLWSmRecently crossfit has become so popular that some dudes really think that this is almost the only good way to lose weight, pump body, build muscle and like girls. Don’t get me wrong, crossfit is a great thing. But this is not the only form of helpful exercises are: varieties of physical activities, bringing obvious benefits very much. We had an article about a very effective training methods that will definitely help, if you don’t eat three throat and sit back. Crossfit is very popular and have taken a worthy place in this list, but do not succumb to fashion trends. Suddenly this physical activity will not fit you? Suddenly you will be boring or very tiring? Fortunately, you have us, who’ll tell you about what is to be feared before going to crossfit.

It should be noted that it is very desirable to prepare for crossfit and held at least six months in the gym. Yeah, everyone keeps telling me that crossfit is well suited for beginners, but for an untrained brow it can be a real blow. After the first round of the novice pull to vomit, he would suffocate and may well fall somewhere with a heart attack. And all because people are not prepared for strength training, and its toughness is frankly lame. You should swap both of these physical parameter, before you can do crossfit. Also crossfit should not go to the person with joint problems — very high load.

The crossfit program is not for everyone. How to understand that she’s right for you? Pay attention to several aspects.

1. Crossfit — training in a team with other people

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This means that you need to interact with them. If you are a supporter to come to the gym and spend a workout with myself and the music in your earphone, it is unlikely that the crossfit approach you. Also, it is not suitable for those comrades who love to run alone and I hate running in the company. That is, if you uncommunicative comrade, for which training you are meditative in nature, crossfit is definitely not for you. It’s a social club, where everyone knows each other and constantly communicate with each other. Of course you can, especially with no one to talk during training, but they will still be around you. The misanthropic, socially anxious and introverted in crossfit is not the place. If you want individual attention from the workout, then crossfit is definitely not for you. If the coach prefers to work actively with free weights, doing the tremors and jerks, it is worth noting that these topics are very important appliances. Since there is no individual approach, and not every worker is willing to individually work out the technique, it is very bad. However, there are coaches who manage a large gathering of people, to work on your technique each brow separately. But they are real diamonds.

2. The program is designed for you


If you love yourself change your program to include something new better be engaged in a circular training in the gym. They were enormously harassed and very good in terms of burning weight training strength and endurance. In fact, they are no different from crossfit. If you don’t like some elements of the training, you can’t replace them, because you decided by the coach.

But if you’re new to programming workouts, crossfit is for you. In the gym you usually or work drawn up by the coach program, or pay for the coach yourself. This additional spending money. In crossfit all-inclusive.

3. The spirit of competition


Many guys love crossfit for the competition spirit that is flying around. You want to jump above the head, above his fellows, to raise more and faster than others participants. But there is a serious drawback. Beginners crossfit makes you remember the school lessons of physical education, especially the moment when everyone had finished running round the stadium, and you only ran the half. Of course, for some this is an extra motivation, but there are those who believe this kind of workout humiliation and finally leave to train.

4. Work with free weights


Crossfit can include anything: jumping, running, rope climb, pull-UPS, work with your weight and work with free weights. Kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, and heavy medicine balls are what you expect. Versatile load has its drawbacks. Swinging the weights can lead to trouble when the ligaments in your hands is not sufficiently fortified. Attempting to do a snatch with a barbell for an untrained person may not end very well. Therefore it is better to prepare for a strength training work out in the gym or with my weight, and for cardio exercise- running and bike ride.

5. Crossfit is not a franchise


Information for beginners and skeptics. Crossfit is actively promoted by manufacturers sportpit and manufacturers of sportswear. Among the latter lit up the Reebok. Yes, there are rooms that are used worldwide license to crossfit, and there are rooms that work on techniques, and not under the great and beautiful name. The main thing that works there coach and that he knows. Now section of crossfit are absolutely everywhere.

It is also worth noting that there is nothing special for this kind of workouts don’t have to buy. Of course, the leading sports company is promoting their products, which supposedly is great for crossfit, improving the results. Some clothing items are really very comfortable for training, you can buy them, and can not buy. That is your choice.

6. The main thing — a good coach


Outset that a good coach is absolutely important in any section. For a beginner it is half the success of future training. In the future, the role of the coach is greatly reduced, leaving the absolute primacy of your own efforts. Trainer for crossfit, should be able to simultaneously train a large group of people and each student individually. The physical skills a coach must also be at a level to you for him to repeat. Don’t be shy to ask the trainer about his experience and personal merit. As a rule, a good trainer is well-developed. Often they were coaching in the sections on martial arts, sometimes they do it at the same time. Recently fashionable to incorporate elements of crossfit everywhere, and it was good.

A good coach is not only a guarantee of good results — it is a pledge of security that much more important.

7. Prepare to spend a lot of time


Crossfit — training in the gathering of people. Often the coach can tell you to lift the weight, which frankly you do not pull. To stay up to crossfit, it was either well prepared or well prepared, while doing. Not always will this be enough time, but will have to carve out a little bit.

The other side is «homework» — overtraining. There seems to be results, but they can fall at any time because your tired body is starting to fail. Why do many guys forget that crossfit is the same training, and that they can also lead to negative consequences.

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