Want to be happy, be. Simple life hacks

happinessHow would we manygoodtips.com tried to convince everyone that happiness does not exist, it is still likely they would not believe us. We can say that happiness is when you weren’t worried. When you feel good. What to do to as often as possible?

1. Often, not harder

The key to happiness is not a Golden sperm whale and not a Villa in the hell knows what Paradise Islands, and elephant pile of pleasant things. You need to nice things happened regularly, even if little — rare a great joy will not give you this effect. You can at least try to do less bad and thus a good frequency.

2. All just

Never thought, why do I say «hungry» and «angry dog»? Because when you’re hungry, you’re angry. You want to eat? Snacking until I started hating the entire world. Take a NAP to overcome unpleasant emotions: sleep is responsible for your mood during the day.

3. Stay positive

This is the key. So, pessimism makes the bad news less unpleasant, but it is still not worth it. I think optimism makes you head in the clouds idiot? It can be. But a little self-deception is a good thing, because people with positive illusions about their relationship are more satisfied, more trust in the partner, the more I love it, and they have less problems. Unjustified confidence increases productivity and improves the work of the entire team. Self-deception always reduces stress, increases motivation and competitiveness.

Even love is self-deception. Happy people believe their partner is a little cooler, prettier and more interesting than it really is.

4. Exert yourself

People rarely do what brings them joy — they are usually limited to simple tasks. Do not be like them: in a society so much bewithme. Better set goals and strive for them. So you’ll continuously learn and improve yourself.

To sit on my ass and watch TV is not the key to happiness. You will be much happier if you’re doing something. Maybe you even happier than at home? Work and reflection can overcome any boredom, and a working brain is a happy brain.

5. Enjoy

At least once, take your time and enjoy something pleasant. Most kosher options are pleasant memories or anticipation of something or a full presence in the present moment. So do all guys, happy life.

6. Come on

Much nicer to give than to receive. Moreover, it sets an example, and people are beginning to understand what is good to give and to give. Volunteering makes us happier, for the same reason: we are doing something unselfish. To help others achieve their goals is a pleasure.

7. Money is not everything

Yes, they affect the feeling of happiness only minimally. If you want to be happy, direct your forces in a different direction and spend time on something else. Money does not affect the mood. If you cover shit with money, it doesn’t get better — shit will remain shit, but under the money.

8. More time with loved ones

And those who you at least like. The happiest people — those who have stable social ties. If you don’t waste time on expensive people, then you will regret it. It is better not to experience the truthfulness of these words.

9. As often as possible do what you do

You must have your horse — try to demonstrate it more often and improve. Well-grilled kebabs? Often go to barbecues, practice. Constantly work on yourself!

10. Express gratitude

Show others how you appreciate them, it’s very good. Would you be happier, improve your relationships, become better as person and make nice all around. The more you show that happy, the more you are actually satisfied. You notice more of the positive aspects of life and pay attention to them others.

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