Wankband bracelet for Masturbation from Xhamster


Charging your smartphone has never been so exciting! Penicillin, the telephone, the Internet, and now the bracelet Wankband will soon join the ranks of the world’s best inventions. Last year the guys from PornHub shocked and simultaneously made the public his statement: for every 100 videos watched they will plant the tree. That’s where the environmental concern was not limited to, because now they figured out how to combine business with pleasure, while saving electricity.

This amazing device works by moving the cargo inside the strap during oscillation of the arm in the process of jerking, turning the kinetic energy of motion into potential energy of the charge. The fruits of your labors Wankband reports on gadgets via the USB interface. So if your girlfriend catches you at the wrong time, you could always say that just want to recharge your tablet. Everything is in your hands, as they say! The bracelet is in its final stage of development, and on the website of pornoresursy can fill out an application to test the gadget. Just remember that the effectual fervent Masturbation even for good reasons can have consequences.

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