Wallet for rogue


Recently noticed a review by one of our Lithgow. Supposedly the idea is cool, except that nobody will do this, because our guys seem very lazy. Well, we decided to dispel this myth and introduce you to the wallet that can not only make the leader of ryazapov. You won’t spend money on materials, and it will take another ten minutes. So we don’t want to hear no excuses. Get down to business!

1. You need

All the components you can see in the photo, but just in case, we will write:

  • tube of toothpaste;
  • lightning;
  • scissors;
  • thread;
  • needle.


2. Water treatment

Well rinse the empty tube of toothpaste. It needs to be incredibly clean. Because your coins don’t have to get dirty in a white paste.

3. Cut

Make a longitudinal section of the straight is the same as shown in the photo. There are a lot of words is not necessary, everything seems so clear. Cut a small piece of plastic that you can sew the zipper. Just remember: you can always make the slit wider, but you fail to do it already.

4. Do the fitting

Put your zipper in the hole to make sure it fits. If something goes wrong, you get the opening in the tube under the zipper.


5. Crosslinking

It remains only to sew the zipper in the tube. It will take about five minutes.

6. That’s all

Now, go to sleep little thing in the tube. Don’t know where you can use this purse, but, for example, will not be sorry to take hunting, picnic, or wherever else you can bring. While hipster over there, you can be very fashionable guy.

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