Wall shelf for wires

Wall shelf for wires



You will need:

  • 2 Board 20h50 cm;
  • 2 Board 20×20 cm
  • Work.com.ua_20.11.2014_iG0VejHPZnAW4

    Can do a little already, or, on the contrary, wider, depends on the layout of your room.


    Now on the Board, which will be the top shelves, make a semicircular hole for the wires. For this you will need a hole saw.



    Use a large drill bit, make several ventilation holes in the bottom. This will help to dispel the heat produced from the chargers.



    Attach brackets and assemble the shelf. If you need such a strict regiment, then I can go to sandpaper and paint it any color, maybe some paint lying around in your garage.



    The presence of doors on your shelf is not necessary but desirable, because you have to hide from prying eyes leading a mess. You will need a small sheet of hardboard, which can stretch dense fabric. Then paint the hardboard the same paint that shelf. And attach the doors to the ready shelf.


    Now everything is ready. You can hang the shelf in its rightful place.

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