Walking or sensible: what to do if you want everything at once?


I love your website, read almost from the beginning. Much has changed since then, as you began to read, REALLY, thank you for this huge. I wrote already here the question you really answer that helped me to cope with the problem, and I began to live much better (the question was about the fact that I have a girl not a virgin (we broke up)).

So, my question is: I can’t figure out what I want, ONE part of me wants a girl for life that was true (this is important), loving to the man who will wipe my tears and support (as the wife of Henry Ford, the wife of Conor McGregor, etc.) , and the OTHER part of me wants to fucking fat Asses, fucking redheads, skinny, Threesome, foursome, want to party, but random women can’t trust, can’t kiss. IT IS VERY HARD TO LIVE. Maybe someone was? What to choose and how to stop to worry about it? Help.

The answer

Help. By the way, thank you for your kind opinion. We hope that our pieces of music were perceived entirely correct, and you yourself have changed for the better.

I think someone in the comments will give you your kosher response, filled with deep wisdom. We ask you: how old are you, and what are your plans for life? Unfortunately, the answer you will not give us, and, apparently, get married and start a family in the near future you don’t want, though, and it’s time.

If the desire to fuck all-around stronger opinions about the home and comfort, talk about one can not be. These are the two main men needs. You just need to listen to yourself and catch the moment when one outweighs the other. When you feel deadly tired of the cycle of women in nature, then switch to the mode of permanence. A relationship on the side… Someone to share it with, someone thinks is disgusting. Here too you decide if you’re ready to risk hypocrisy or not.

You’re too young to have a meaningful relationship. Although the thought of a rollicking riotous living will be circling your head and beyond. But still, some wild oats before meeting ‘ the one, Holy cause.

And, by the way, its the only one you’re gonna meet at the most inopportune moment. Most importantly, don’t lose her, not to have to associate with anyone.

By the way, here’s a little tip, so to speak, the story of life. One of my friends was slapping her pussy as Casanova never dreamed of. He was an old friend – the same good friend who was a very wise and beautiful to cast her out. Perhaps she was the only woman to whom he felt a real light feeling and genuine respect. With her he spent many hours complaining about women, seeking answers to eternal questions of gender. She gave him such a dose of comfort that he literally found the wings and the potency for new achievements. Its purely consumerist attitude towards women collapsed on the warmth and sincerity which arose between them. Though they had no sex, sexual love. Well, maybe a couple of times, and then drunk. But other than that – clean as a tear girl, a chaste relationship. And he did not like. She gave him comfort, peace and hope, others gave him sexual satisfaction. But only in a bunch of random women he found one that was very clever and agreed to jump with him in bed. He just started to chat with her as a person and not as a known sexual organ. Maybe you can try?

Sometimes that deal is not obtained. Then try to communicate not only with prostitutes from the club, and normal women. And it would be nice to try to be a gentleman and treat women how to artificial vaginas. Just for the future, plus never will be. This is the spell that lure not only Chabad, but good girls.

And remember that excessive usage of Sebald leads to unwanted pregnancy, falsification of unwanted pregnancy and, of course, to bad disease up to the flu.

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