Walker Audio Proscenium Black Diamond V is the world’s most expensive turntable

Walker Audio Proscenium Black Diamond V-7

Fans of a warm lamp sound spend on their hobby a lot of money. Most likely, this miracle of technology will find their future owners. Manufacturers compare their acoustics with the London Symphony orchestra, which stands in the corner of your apartment.

The acoustics is almost $105 thousand, and the peculiarity of this device is that it smartly plays vinyl discs. Any interference in the reproduction is virtually eliminated, and with the help of special air bearings minimized any influence of friction force that induces distortion playback.

Wiring devices made of silver, the stylus is under a pressure of 45 Bar.

«Explosive dynamics and deep bass» is what the developers promise to us — however, given the price of the product, what can they promise?

And looks very cool.

Walker Audio Proscenium Black Diamond V-9

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