Wait! Don’t fall! — How to prolong erection


This is perpetual stress: how to increase the size, strength and duration of erections? There are many recipes and tips, tools, techniques, and tricks, and find among them at least one to make it work! Actually, dude, there are no miracles. The rich, and so happy. Not from a pipette to make the leaning tower of Pisa, and if possible, it will still be slightly to tilt down. We’ll give you realistic advice that will support your tower on all fronts.

You can apply them when you know in advance that you have sex. The quick draw — a shameful title, this is not about us.

1. Proper nutrition

The first key to a healthy erection is a healthy diet. Before sex should not overeat till you drop and choose the food which hard to digest. If your date is logical approaching to the bed, it is better to be hungry than well-fed to satiety.

In General, it should be good. For erection of the necessary nutrients that the blood brings straight to the action, and these nutrients are needed for the production of hormones, without which no sex will not take place. If you eat right, you’ll be able to repeat. For erections require healthy carbohydrates (to help you get the fruits and vegetables as well as pasta and bread made of coarse wheat). For the production of testosterone and sperm necessary zinc. You will find in seafood, nuts and food additives.

Poor nutrition impairs blood flow and causes erection problems. A hearty meal before sex lowers the level of testosterone eat at least an hour.

2. Choose position right

When the position is selected correctly, everything will happen like clockwork. Good old law of gravity will help you with that (hint you should be on top so that gravity was working for you). What to choose? Classic! Missionary position or doggie-style, they will direct the blood flow in the desired direction, and thus the erection will get bigger and stronger. To start with positions when you’re down, not should: gravity will pull the blood from your wealth, and it hangs limp, because you will be left with nothing. In addition, when she is on top she controls the situation, and that means you in every sense of losing control. Stress, man: in every sense.

3. Uzbagoysya

Relax, get cozy, and the erection will not keep itself waiting. In this case, the sex, the excitement always comes from insecurity and fear of intimacy. The excitement all shrivels not only inside but also outside. Stage fright comes at the most inopportune moments (e.g. when you first have sex with a new girlfriend), therefore, it is vital to feel relaxed. Dim the lights, turn on soft music and practice!

4. Reduce the sensitivity

The classic way is to use a condom or even a condom with a special lubricant, so even safer. If you are being safe otherwise, try to switch attention. Periodically get distracted, if you feel that you are about to lose control. This trick is used in particular to avoid premature ejaculation but to prolong an erection it also nice.

5. Try a special device

All things penis enlargement cause pain, look ugly, and the efficiency is zero. However, there are always blowhards who will claim that all these gadgets have given them a result. The safest and generally a good way to prolong the erection (of technology, of course) is the cock ring. This is a small rubber or plastic product, which fits over the base of the penis to contain the blood inside is to fill the bag with water and tie it. The size will not change, but the fortress will rise — they!

6. Go to other medications

It refers to the depressed dudes who sit on all sorts of tranquilizers and antidepressants. All is good, except for one, these drugs are a bad influence on potency. Sex itself is a depressant, try to replace one for the other!

7. Save your strength

Do not throw directly into the maelstrom of the head. If fast and furious start, is unlikely to succeed, and your flag will droop. Know the limits of their capabilities.

8. Do sports

First, good exercises. Good abdominal muscles will support your erection, but hanging belly, on the contrary, will not. Moreover, if you have a solid stomach, it reduces the visual dimensions of your dignity. When you are in good shape and look fit, you, first, confident, and secondly, the confidence stimulates your sex drive. Can try Kegel exercises. Sizes they will not increase, but the duration of erection is.

9. Quit Smoking and drink less

Smoking is bad for circulation. When you want to have sex, it may let you down always everything happens at the most inopportune moment. Here’s another reason to quit. When you drink too much it is bad for the prostate. Surely you have had failures with booze.

10. Masturbate less frequently

Why would you get an erection? For women or for hands? A little self control — and it’s in the bag.

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