Vysotsky is a poet with the country

My mother is very fond of Vysotsky. She once even said that in their time was a good way to determine a normal person or not: he loves Vysotsky. With a man who didn’t like the work of Vladimir Vysotsky, even to shit in a field was a shame. And loved him very, very much. This man and his work managed to like at least physics, at least intellectual, though the combine, though the merchandise, though the Secretary of the party. Here it is, a nation, and all because Vysotsky, almost like Pushkin, could write a song about anything so that was the impression that he is somehow very well know about this. Although this is not always so.

Vysotsky was a very versatile person and people remember as the author, performer, actor, novelist, the darling of the public and women. Lucky dude!

Biography guy is very detail and raznahan different people, which are called the biography of Vladimir Vysotsky. Or they know not the exact time of the birth of our hero, which hints. As among any geeks, they are necessarily being paramount disputes in the spirit: and from what village are descended the ancestors of Vladimir Vysotsky, this or that? Personally, I like the person that relates to the work of Vladimir Vysotsky with respect, this brand really matter what songs he wrote, it does not matter how he lived, to be honest, but we have to admit that it is also quite interesting. From the songs of Vladimir Vysotsky, you can learn almost all the information about the life of the poet, even the address of his first home: «the House on First Meshchanskaya at the end.» During the war, Vladimir and his family were evacuated to the Urals after the war years film in postwar Germany, gaining valuable experience. As you may know from the famous song, Vysotsky settled after the war in Moscow, Bolshoi Karetny lane.

After school Vladimir, as befits a decent Soviet people, enters the engineering profession. The man stoically studied for a year, but right on the eve of the New year, he along with his friend drew the drawings, drank champagne and tried to be on time. The guys soared quite a while, but right under the chiming clock Vysotsky poured the ink on the blueprints and said, «Everything. I’ll be ready, have another six months, I will try to enter the theater. And this is not my…» it Should be noted that the poet had previously worked in theatre, so the desire to become an actor came to him not just.


In the theater, our hero still goes and shows himself as a future talent. Works in Taganka theatre and becomes the favorite of almost legendary Yuri Lyubimov. This too is an interesting legend. Vysotsky always wrote songs, but treated it like an innocent passion of youth. His first verse he wrote, by the way, in eighth grade, memory, among other things, Stalin. Samples Lyubimov asked him to tell us something, Vladimir invited him to sing one of his songs. Instead of five minutes of listening to Vysotsky was awarded the honor of singing known to man for almost forty minutes. «Taganka» was his native place where Vysotsky played the role of hamlet, Joe, and for the first time gets into the movie in a cameo role. In the theater Vysotsky aroused the envy and neglect of its own peculiar behavior, and eccentric antics and special treatment Lyubimov, though, here he found himself and his friends, among whom were Zolotukhin and Filatov.

Career in the movie went too smoothly, what to say: Vysotsky was an extraordinary personality. Became insanely popular TV series «the meeting Place cannot be changed», which is one of the main roles played Vysotsky. It is worth noting that initially, Gleb Zheglov was conceived as a negative character, but the creators of the series decided not to make Vysotsky’s anti-hero. I somehow think that in vain.

Women our hero genuinely loved, however, he is also. With Marina Vlady, a love story which I love to rap women, Vysotsky met peculiar. The girl was sitting in the restaurant of the WTO, and our hero, badly dressed and unshaven, sat at the table, kissed her hand and sat in silence. I think if I have done something similar, she would have knocked me down with a fucking terrible screams and Vysotsky turned out.

Despite the words of people from TV and film «Thank you for living» that Vysotsky has never persecuted by the authorities. He was always elite, which was absolutely inviolable, just the MP now. Vysotsky did what he wanted: he married a Frenchwoman, traveled to America for dubious drugs, drunk were worn on the expensive wheelbarrows, dressed in expensive clothes, Smoking expensive American cigarettes and lived in a big way. In this case, our hero managed to keep such a Golden mean: the last shoes without salt didn’t finish, but did not dance to the tune of Big brothers. Vysotsky existed on money from underground concerts, underground records and official speeches, but they were just what I wanted, and was loved even by the ruling elite. It unites Vysotsky with the Strugatsky brothers, who also, despite popular belief, was not driving, and very contrary.

Vysotsky sang everything. About the severity, about men’s professions, about love, about love of country, about war, about peace, about history, about freedom and all that is to write songs. Metallurg could find in his songs, songs about his work, the climber could remember the film «Vertical», in pursuit of a homeland dude easily could find songs about the freedom and wonderful new world. People who wanted to laugh on anything, also happy songs like «letter to the editor of the television program «Obvious-improbable». People are hungry for satire, could those same songs find a parody of reality. Soviet sportsmen and ducks were found in his songs great hymns of his activities and some motivation.

In the last years of his life Vysotsky suffered from drug addiction. Due to a very immoral lifestyle Vysotsky had serious health problems. Once Marina Vlady found him in the bathroom with blood coming from his throat. Then Vysotsky was rescued, but the reasons for this was, according to different sources, quite a lot. At the same time, Vysotsky became famous in abroad, most of the records of the poet dates from this time. Vladimir in recent years was just wear and tear, a concert in Bukhara, which was reflected in the movie «Thank God I’m alive» — proof. They say, however, that clinical death he has not experienced is a lie and legends, however, this is not so important.


Vysotsky often had kidney failure and had heart problems, he was pumped with morphine, and then it turned into drugs. A week after the staging of «hamlet» Vysotsky died in his sleep. At the same time held the summer Olympics. On the death of the poet almost wrote nothing in the box office of the theater, where Vysotsky had worked, hung only a small piece of paper with the inscription: «Died actor Vladimir Vysotsky.» But despite this, the Taganka Theatre was a huge crowd, which stood there for a few days. Close friends Vysotsky said that the authorities wanted to hush up this fact, not to distract people from the Olympics, but people were closed parasols flowers, who brought with them, from street-sweeper, put on town to wash down the drain lying on the pavement bouquets. Vysotsky was buried almost like a king or Prince.

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