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In the gaming industry has matured a new era. Goodbye, never got the PlayStation 5! Wipe away your tears, Nintendo NX. To replace consoles, whose existence was initially controversial, and veterans of the computers stubbornly refused to give yourself to destroy, came a pleasant, alluring, so different and unusual virtual reality. A good 90% of all future loud titles tied to VR, and others just don’t have enough money.

On the reverse side of the coin, the situation is reversed (Oh, how we love metaphors): many still argue about the need to not buy so cheap glasses yet curves ports video games. These three core indicators: pubertal age of the platform, the inability of many developers to cook up the right game and the high price — often deter gamers from buying the dream of a lifetime. Surprising: the Chinese, too, once the wall was built, even managed to bury a lot of people.

In General, we thought and decided that the best familiarity with VR to start from afar. Even if your budget allows, you should not rush to buy the glasses from the Japanese — it is better to consider from the pragmatic French. The name «Homido» looks like in Japanese, but believe me: it is entirely the development of the descendants of the Franks. Before you stylish glasses virtual reality for smartphones with premium price budget device.

If Google Cardboard was a country cart, Homido is fair to call Ferrari for the middle class. Now you can not buy the Galaxy smartphones to use the expensive Samsung Gear, and not to suffer with primitive Fibrum that have the minimum settings. Homido is this «Golden mean», which combines excellent performance and a green price tag. By the way, if you hurry, you can buy glasses Homido with 20% discount — enough before buying enter the code UUNJT-Іt2uk1aznay that they are compatible with almost all types of smartphones with a diagonal of 4.0 to 6.0 inches, so you don’t have to go crazy, selecting the appropriate phone connector. What’s even better is their versatility under various physical characteristics: fit and your huge pumpkin, and a miniature head your girlfriend. You can change, for example, the distance from the lens to the eye and the distance between the pupils and with the help of extra cones the instrument is easy to adjust for users who suffer from nearsightedness or farsightedness.

There is even a special cover for those who are ill astigmatism. And don’t be afraid unpleasant itching — quality materials, removable padding and ergonomic design will help to avoid any discomfort. And with all this securely locks Homido smartphone, works wirelessly and provides a field of view of 100°!

With these glasses you can not only play but to watch 3D movies and 360-degree videos. You can even use the software — just download the Homido Center to get a selection of those which are compatible with your smartphone.

However, all this can already be considered already during the last century, is now actively developing the capabilities of augmented reality. Fortunately, this feature is here, too, thanks to special programs. Glasses inserted in the mobile phone will draw a digital image on the basis of «live» pictures. As a result you can obtain a large amount of useful information. For example, it is possible to «hang» the vending store item («put» into the hands of a virtual version of hours).

But if you a budget version to buy too expensive, then look at budget-budget version (999 rubles — 5 times cheaper) — virtual reality goggles. Unlike a helmet, they look not so cool, but they perform the same function. You’re just sticking a smartphone in a rubber «krabice», trying to place it straight and smooth, and enjoyed the view, carefully holding the glasses with both hands. What? You wanted cheaper… But such a thing can be easily folded in half due to the presence of the gear system of articulation and the usual loops.


That the design worked as virtual points, she inserted two magnifying lenses. They are relatively durable and can endure rough handling (in a fight they are better off). Points can be used even in rainy weather (if you don’t have to worry about smartphone) because the lens is not misted. This is due to the fact that they both sides always have free access of air.

As practice shows, the worst thing that can happen to them, it’s a scratch, to strike which, incidentally, is not so easy. Plus side mount which is adjacent to the display of the smartphone is made of rubber surface. With this strip virtual video glasses not only do not leave traces on the screen, but also «stick» to it, increasing the already significant level of fixing of the gadget.

If you are going to use it all not at home, and in outdoor conditions, you can take a Mini version that fits in an ordinary bag. There all the same, only the device itself is smaller and easy to fold. This «change» can work with most modern devices iOS or Android and created with durable lightweight plastic. Sorry, there are no fastenings as the «adult» version, and have to hold her hands as glasses. But today it is the most portable of all devices intended for viewing VR content.

Pltcm lenses provide the angle of view of 100°. The device is compatible with smartphones that have a screen size diagonally is in the range from 4 to 6 inches. The specified range covers more than 90% of the gadgets iOS and Android. No settings in these glasses not provided. Because Mini used high-tech lenses, these goggles are compatible with all applications. You can also use the Play Market or App Store, mobile programs virtual Virtual Ascape tourism Travel & Tours, Tokyo VR VR London, UAE VR and others.


On the official website you will find all related products: lens, removable panels, case and case for the device (comes with the case, a special cleaning cloth for the lenses and a user’s manual). With regard to mobile applications, they are combined into a corresponding set of Homido Center. There you can find fun games like «the cows» or Homido Mixar that allows you to view interactive content in virtual reality. While Homido Player will allow you to see any videos in the format 360 degrees — the last time only some of the trailers for blockbuster movies and educational videos are doing in this format, but over time will expand the range, for sure.

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