Vox T-Hawk is the time to dig up the hatchet


As we know from modern movies about zombies, a head shot is not always a good way to kill the walking dead. Sharp and heavy object can protect you from pieces of dead flesh when she gets close to you. Vox T-Hawk is a heavy Tomahawk, which you can whack someone or to use it in the campaign. It is perfectly balanced, so it can be a good throwing weapon. Tomahawk is a cast axe handle and blade molded in the matrix, the lower part of the Tomahawk attached to a nylon plate for convenience. Top steel coated with a special anticorrosive powder coating. On the opposite side you can find a nice ledge by which to pry the boxes or dig up items from the ground.

The axe weighs 1.7 kilograms. The set includes two very strong cords, and a convenient carry case. The cost is $ 90.

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