Vodka as it is

Something without which no cost, no feast, and not only in Russia. Who actually owns the right to consider vodka a national drink? And here Mendeleev? And a few more facts about your favorite product.

You often drink this clear liquid, although even if you don’t drink, you know exactly what it is. Vodka along with such attributes as pickles and bears the face of Russia. We somehow believe that it is our, native, and maybe it is. Now know.

1. History

manygoodtips.com_9.09.2014_eqEEQOlft2lCaThe first mention of vodka was in the tenth century. A doctor from Persia, al-Razi was the first who began to practice distillation. Together say thank you to him, because we can assume that he opened the vodka, or at least its closest relative. In Russia, however, distillation only came in the sixteenth century. Well, she came of course before, more likely, because our people are surprisingly clever, especially when it comes to drinking. Just is that officially, the distillation was established in this century.

Most often for the distillation used grains and flour of rye. Only after three hundred years, the potato gradually replaced rye and firmly established in her place. At that time it was not vodka, the drink was called «bread wine».

2. Myths

manygoodtips.com_9.09.2014_lN1JefcblcdGVMendeleev invented the recipe of vodka, he established the canonical strength of vodka is acceptable to the human body – 40%.

This myth has gone from the fact that Mendeleev’s dissertation was called «the combination of alcohol with water». It is believed that the scientist has discovered an unusual effect of a solution of water and alcohol with strength of 40%. In fact, he found that when the weight fraction of the alcohol 46% is the maximum compression of the solution, that’s all. Mendeleev is irrelevant to the appearance of Russian vodka.

In the cost of expensive vodka more than cheap

The cost of the most expensive component of vodka — ethyl alcohol amounts to a maximum of 60 rubles. From a liter of alcohol obtained 5 bottles of vodka. So the cost of any vodka is not much different from each other.

3. Russian vodka

manygoodtips.com_9.09.2014_nSV1N1Z2vUO6r1386, we can say that this year the vodka was born in Russia. It was not invented by Peter and a John, we just gave her. More precisely, gave it to Prince Dmitry Donskoy, the gift came directly from the hands of the Genoese Embassy. But then the Russians didn’t pay much attention to the donated drinks and he liked it.

Vodka has repeatedly tried to make available to people, but she was very durable. And only a hundred years we have adapted to dilute it with water. In the XV century, the vodka began to be produced in monasteries and it became public. Around the same time was introduced the state monopoly on vodka production. Well, it was a monopoly with good intentions, the king didn’t want his people etched from Palenque.

In 1828 the state monopoly of cancellation. The main Russian entertainment was the production of home made vodka. It was considered an honor to invite the guest to the table and pour him a glass of his vodka. Only after fifty years of vodka on tap began to sell in bottles. Estimate, before carrying her out in 12-liter buckets.

Do you know why we don’t fight and never will fight with alcoholism? In our history has had such an experience, when Gorbachev signed the order «About measures on strengthening of struggle against drunkenness and alcoholism». How will it all end? A huge blow to the budget, which is still being felt.

But it’s not a bad move by the government. In 1992 came to power Yeltsin, who abolished the state monopoly introduced in 1894. And then it started. out of all the cracks and the people of the grass to this day.

Can’t complain about total drunkenness, in our time, the people he determines to drink, smoke or some lewdness to do. Hands are untied, and man makes choices.

The important thing is that this drink has a really rich history, no matter who it belongs to, is associated with us.

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