Vladimir Pozner: contradictions engendered by openness

The journalist, when started and seriously engage in their activities, one way or another dooms himself to constant criticism because you cannot please everyone, what would you do: criticize the government, or on the contrary, worked hard to be insensitive propaganda machine. On the other hand, you can get such a deal in the form of national love, and the many heads of state never dreamed of. Although more journalists, one way or another to talk about politics, are exactly the same as for the politicians themselves. And how in Russia like «servants of the people», I think is not necessary to tell. But Posner is quite another matter. This post. Surname rare in our area, (of those we know with the same last name – only charming model Nicola Posner) would be someone else, but we have in the first place, this name certainly was associated with the hero of this article.

This man for more than 20 years kept apart, the block, which many do not disassemble it for parts, still does not work. There were different periods, the attitude ranged from global contempt for the people’s love. But one thing remained constant: he has always adhered to the same position. This position was all annoyed. This position is a person who was born in Paris, grew up in new York and Berlin, and then as a Mature young man, moved to a foreign and inhospitable Moscow. To change the Cola, chewing gum, hamburgers and benefits of the information society, various channels on sausage coupons, 2 channel and unsmiling people, wary to all who came from the «Rotten capitalism» is, of course, a lot of stress.

When I arrived, I was 19 years old, I really wanted to be Russian, I wanted to think I was Russian, his. But I repeatedly made it clear that I am not your. And, in the end, I agreed with it. It’s true. Well, no, what to do?This is the position of the son of a Frenchwoman and a Jew, and therefore he considers himself more French, but not Russian. The position of the man who was brought up in the West, among Western people. This is the position of the holder of three passports of three very different States, and two of them are USA and France. And like his father loved the Soviet regime, Vladimir Vladimirovich is not affected. And all just the same, hate the fact how shamelessly Vladimir Putin admit it. He does not deny that a Russian feels that he does not like the situation in the country. And many, forgetting like 2 minutes ago told the unresponsive TV, «as Ukrainians to behave», I believe that have the right to criticize only the patriots. But we must not forget that Vladimir Putin most of his long and amazing life he lived in Russia, so the criticism he has the ultimate right, as we all are. And the fact that we don’t have passports of other countries (although some probably is), it’s just our choice, not a manifestation of patriotism as you think.

Posner cursing and name-calling Russophobe, who are trying to cash in on a relatively young and troubled Russian television. In the West because nobody wants it, and that sucks money from the homeland-Nurse. But it is not Russophobia. The whole life Foundation views and preferences is laid at a young age, so do not rush to throw stones and shouting: «Well, get yourself over to my France! See how your taxes and the Arabs will like it!» He just brought up differently.

I much loved in Russia, but to say that I love Russia… Well, I love her as something not his own. It’s not mine… I love the nature of this country, she is very beautiful. But many of the things I absolutely strangers. In particular, human interaction. It’s not mine.By and large, he did not hide his aspirations to go to live to France.

In Russia, I was just holding my job. I’m not Russian, it’s not my home, I grew up here, I don’t feel completely at home here and are suffering from this. I feel like a stranger in Russia. And if I have no job, I’ll go where I feel at home. Most likely I will go to France.It is this straightness is annoying, isn’t it? But without the Posner TV will resemble the Church God’s service – is monotonous, devoid of zest and Paradise is boring. Without his caustic, sometimes controversial statements of a political television journalism will be too refined. Well, who else? Solovyov, which is important to show all his boundless talent and eloquence, than to reveal the essence of the conversation? Shevchenko and others like him? No, the journalists of those «not understand that» we have enough. Otar Kushanashvili who has ceased to be controversial, but advocates of the high epithets and obscure most of the words for the preservation of human people? He is very good, so in politics he does not. Kiselev? He’s a great presenter, and, probably, a good man, but after his previous acts, it will be difficult to begin to treat him like a «clean slate». Kseniya A. no matter how trying to convince everyone that she’s a serious journalist, and somehow it breaks down to a silly provocation. Posner Remains.

I have not the slightest relationship. I never see it. I have a very bad relationship with Vladimir Solovyov, we do not greet each other. As Kiselev, I can tell you a funny story. Many years ago, a delegation of the Russian television Academy left, it seems, in Luxembourg. In this delegation, except me, were and Dmitry Kiselev. And he said to me – may he forgive me if I don’t quite accurate – he’d be my disciple. Well, I said I was happy, of course. But you see, said Kiselev, I need to make a choice: to spit against the wind or not. So he made a choice.

Say: «What is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed a bull.» So, Vladimir Vladimirovich allowed a little bit more, but for a reason. First, it is objectively the best interviewer in the country. To communicate with representatives of the political elite like little children and bring them to clean water is a talent. I remember that Leonid Parfyonov, certainly, a talented journalist, drove himself into a corner, after the famous interview with Dmitry Medvedev asked to GDP (interestingly, in our country there is already one immensely respected GDP: «Vladimir Vladimirovich, but everyone understands that he’s driving» (talking in an interview talked about why the opposition leaders are not allowed on TV). What Posner is very precisely said:

For me the main thing is to make the viewer understand. That’s the main thing! Not I said to him: «What you chase,» and the audience understood that he drives.So it behaves absolutely always. This is a very fine, professional provocation, without hysterics and accusations. He does not lose the thread of conversation and respect, although sometimes seen as Posner restrained and in rare exceptions breaks down, as in an interview with Mrs. Spring. But if the interviewee throughout the interview repeats like a parrot: «It is important» to communicate with him really is very difficult. Some professional journalists are happy to find in its programmes the nuances that are incompatible with the bright image of the journalist, which impose on the Russian surface, bring a dozen programs where he rages. However, the students of journalism in the majority, but to criticize and walk with your head held high, nothing else can. And don’t forget that Posner was not on the journalist, and faculty of biology and soil faculty of Moscow state University. It is then stuffed his hand, working as personal Secretary to Samuel Marshak, he went into journalism. Of course, publications were spread abroad (with such language). In such places were taken mostly those who have good language and knowledge of culture.

Secondly, we need his sober thoughts. We need these comparisons with the West, and instructive stories from the American practice, because if we want to live well, we need to notice and appreciate other people’s situation, not to put on his «big unit», as the unforgettable shreds of «Black rose – an emblem of sorrow, red rose – emblem of love».

Thirdly, we have a vast experience and worldwide reputation. The older readers remember the infamous teleconference with Phil Donahue. In the 90s Phil Donahue called him to jointly broadcast live. The program was called «Pozner and Donahue», and Vladimir Pozner became the first Russian citizen working in American TV. In the West many interested Russian with a strange origin and a Western mentality. In 1995, led in the United States another author’s program «Final edition» («week»).

At the same time he wrote a weekly program «We», «masked Man», «If». Especially I remember very clearly klipova program «Person in mask», where all sorts of renegades, clapped on a bright face something about what he wrote Dumas in the duty of the musketeer adventures of the man in the iron mask, talked about anything illegal, bad and without blemish. There was even a real skinhead.

The question arises: what the hell, if he is successful abroad, it does not call for the West? Answers Vladimir Pozner:

Closed our Phil program. One of the largest TV agent called me and offered to be my agent. And then not get anything. And he explained to me: «at First, when I came, everybody said, Oh, Posner, Yes, of course. But then gradually, when he reached the top, the reaction was different: Oh, this is the bastard that was (Soviet) promoter and put Reagan in a puddle and so on. And we are not going to give him any work». And I was unemployed. Meanwhile, my program went on ORT (now First channel – The New Times), I came once a month, recording four programs were going. If (in America) has been work very good chance that I would not come back.And how frantic people, when Posner recalls his atheism? In one of the programs Mr Putin himself decided to answer became insanely popular after this program, the questionnaire of Marcel Proust. To the question: «faced with God, what would you tell him,» he answered simply, «shame on you».

I always ask what I’d ask God if I met him? I thought a lot about it. That is shocking to you, but I would ask: «have You no shame?» The earthquake, which killed 20 thousand people, including innocent children, infants, by God’s will to happen? Why so much misery? Why children swollen from hunger, born freaks? If so staged nature, I can understand. But if it pleases God – how could he not ashamed? But this meeting will not take place, and then me, nobody will allow.And here the man sits and the height of the airwaves talks about his relationship to God. In a country where there is an article for an insult of feelings of believers! How can that not be annoying! He would be tolerant to religion, if the Church behaved easier. Posner reason studied to be a biologist. Biologists and physicists are atheists, because looking for answers to questions, while Scripture evasive answer «because».

More hated him, perhaps, only in the distant 1997, when Vladimir Putin dared to open the school for television excellence. Against schools no one protested, but against the mutilation of an ancient house in Malaya Dmitrovka… on the one hand, nothing can be done, the municipality gave the plot for construction in this place. And to protect the outdated, crumbling in front of the monuments we begin, only when it comes to demolition. In the end, the chief architect of the city caught on and forced to build a house around the estate. The building looks suspiciously like something horrible like songs by Alexander Buynova, and the locals were hung billboards, which are clearly painted, who is to blame, adding: «…do not roll bags, voloden’ka… the House No. 20 on Malaya Dmitrovka street».

When a person is not love, he is credited with all human sins. Posner and Mason had not called. But it is unlikely he is. People who communicate with him close, talking about his honesty, Urgant so do his likes scary love. Reason, Oh, reason. There is one caveat: I firmly believe that sentimental people may not be a complete bastard. During another tour of the Evrostranah (namely from Germany) they visited the memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. Now, the camera secretly filmed Mr Putin crying. The tears of man in this moment are expensive. He saw war, he even spent some time in occupied France (then his parents, who worked on the film, went to the United States). In 1948 they lived in a dilapidated and sad Berlin, which still makes him a controversial rejection. Well, she can not forgive the German people that he helped to establish the phenomenon of Adolf Hitler. But fate played a trick on him: his daughter married a German and has German grandson.

By the way, this cycle the European tour not only that was very interesting, and showed Posner as a person, even if he didn’t want to. He’s got a lot to learn, at least love of life. And still be in such stunning form, is 81 year! And don’t deny yourself the indulgence of a good alcohol and delicious food. Nice lives and works a lot. Should be mad at the person for it? At least silly. It is better to treat him like a professional, and to draw conclusions from the books he read. With what warmth he writes about his mother, so few can. Of course, it is categorical in relation to the father, who for his beliefs was taken doesn’t speak Russian wife and two sons in a completely foreign and hostile atmosphere, while a family of not particularly caring. In fact, it is this indifference of his father, he forgive and can’t.

Keep it simple and treat people the easier. Don’t look for every accomplice of the state Department and geomassiv, desperately trying to destroy ourselves long ago dumped in a garbage heap «Spiritual bonds». Posner is extremely honest and interesting. Decent people respect and hate myself, so go in the corners and will not each other to interfere and impose their opinion as this article is not an attempt to impose someone something.

Many still can’t forgive me the phrase, that I’m not Russian, and that Russia – not my family. I have rather two homes: new York and France. I have repeatedly said. Such attacks do not affect me in any way. I take it as someone’s blatant impotence. Because I do many do not like – I refuse to be numbered to a particular political wing. I strongly are in the opposition. And, of course, is not a statesman-patriot. In addition, I am an independent. I earned enough to not be afraid that I would be fired. And it causes irritation. And I have a smile.

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