Vladimir Mayakovsky: likes and quotes

manygoodtips.com_20.06.2016_JldmEl1Lo31rbAfter all, life experience and wisdom we need to be those people who at all times could be fun. Even in post-revolutionary. Here Mayakovsky – tried socialism originated a large spoon, blindly believing in his innocence. So, shot, but it is a surplus. Narcissistic poet who wrote dubious quality, but with a twist, poems, one is revered as a genius, others as goldfinch Communist, third – as promoter of the Swedish family. Loyalty to the ideals of the revolution prevents now to see Mayakovsky’s good. Here’s who to believe: Dmitry Dibrov in their broadcasts on the periscope said that 10 years had sex in rough form with the Soviet Union, Mayakovsky wrote an ode to him? You need to believe the mom and your intuition and famous people need to listen, read and draw conclusions. That’s why your account the statements of the superstars of the post-revolutionary Russia, the first after Lenin, among sailors and yesterday’s courtesans and the new Soviet elite, the beloved of all ages and different citizens, Vladimir Mayakovsky as literary, and not so good. He already is able to charge a good spirit in the beginning of the work week.


«Before the dressing table looking at the zit…»Is a quote from one of the poems of Vladimir. And I must say, it accurately reflects the behavior of the poet. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but a hefty bull, who served in the revolutionary mood in prison, came from a simple family of a Forester and wrote are as sharp as a blow with a sickle on eggs, poems, was utterly clean person. The usual case for «poet of the revolution» was to look at his face in the mirror for the presence of new pimples, scratches and too long setae. Used to shave every day, justifying it with the words: «No, I’m handsome enough to not shave every day.»

Yakshayas with the futurists, Mayakovsky often looked like a madman in his famous orange sweater, over which I wore a bow. But in everyday life he was emphatically elegant, dressed in the fashion of the time. It could be called a dandy bent on accuracy. Exactly what is crazy, another word is difficult. The more pimples he was afraid for his health, phobia of Contracting a bad disease pursued him from childhood, after the absurd death of his father. There really is all pretty stupid: father stabbed finger with a needle for stitching papers and died from blood poisoning. Not the best death, Mayakovsky constantly carried a bar of soap and at every opportunity to wash my hands.


I have ten poems – five good, three medium and two bad ones. A Block of ten poems eight good and bad, but such good to me, perhaps not to write.As you can see, bold and narcissistic Mayakovsky, who wrote that: «In our days, the writer who will write the March and the slogan!» – quite soberly assess their creativity. So, of course, not melancholic sharp and elegant Unit, but good in its own right.


In this world, to die is not new, to Make life much more difficult.

manygoodtips.com_20.06.2016_E4rrn1COlMjJdA kind of obituary to the death of another great poet Yesenin. And this phrase is much more incentive and wisdom than any words of support and comfort. Perhaps this phrase should be to get into the head of everyone who thought that they have no choice. Because often suicide is the bastard child of cowardice and depression. By the way, in this letter there is another interesting phrase: «Better to die from vodka than from boredom!» Mayakovsky used it with a big fat layer of irony, but everyone sees it its meaning. And all anything, but…


All that die, don’t blame anyone and, please, do not lie. Dead this not terribly fond. My mom, sisters and comrades, forgive me – this is not the way (do not advise others), but I have no outputs. Lily – love me. Comrade government, my family is Lilya Brik, mother, sisters, and Veronica Polonskaya Vitalievna. If you can give them a decent life thanks. Initiated verses give the Briks, they will understand.

As they say – «the incident Espersen,» the love boat has crashed against the everyday. I life in the calculation and don’t need the list of mutual pains, troubles and grievances.But Mayakovsky himself had committed suicide left behind such a message. In fact, this is the last work of the great poet – his suicide note. Written, incidentally, quite in the manner of Vladimir. Then he remembered all: the woman, the second the woman and become legendary words: «the Love boat has crashed against life» – it’s all the sad works of Mayakovsky, from his suicide note. But words – more than you can imagine. It happens to everyone, every happens.


– Among the Russian I feel Russian, among the Georgians I feel like a Georgian… a question from the audience: – And among fools? Answer: – And among fools, I for the first time.The famous excerpt from the speech at the Polytechnic Institute on the debate on proletarian internationalism. Mayakovsky had in mind that among all the Nations he feels to be his. The more he about the Georgians knew firsthand, after all, born in the village of Baghdadi, near modern Tbilisi (then Tiflis).

Work.com.ua_20.06.2016_pxcNaBezoIZDoMost interesting is that a friend of mine-blood said the same thing about Greeks and Russians. Now, his father (Greek) for some reason stopped to talk to him. Probably because he’s an idiot.


At Osia, put sepatate.

This phrase was waiting for all the poet’s works that saw print. The fact that Mayakovsky was not possible to obtain a real education, and this was the main problem of the Creator – the dreadful ignorance. In fact, a large number of neologisms, in his poems this explains. Didn’t know the guy, how to write, how impossible. Special hostility he harbored toward someone, in my life and not realizing where they need to be put, and where not. The famous «ladder», which set out his line, was a way to somehow cover up ignorance. Although fellow poets accused him of cheating-after all, poets were then paid for the number of rows and Mayakovsky received 2-3 times more for a poem the same length. To editing no questions and heart attack, he gave them to the editing of his mistress’s husband of Lilya Brik, Osip. This is an amazing story of love between loving poet and a fairly sensible girl. Most interesting is that at one point, Mayakovsky moved to their home where they lived together. Osia denied, Osia edited the poems, while the doves cooed. That’s the freedom of morals. As mentioned earlier the Bolsheviks: «marriage is a relic of the bourgeois past».


Oh, what a Grace, what a Magical blue! Rubens vendor did goddess, And you at traders Took the goddesses.Just a poet shares his impressions of foreign women.


Not the same


that bread



and back

give us

that is,you

God I’m sorry!

And those b..di





do not give –

here b..di


their mother hildren!

Again about women.







do not entice

meaty Tits!


seduce us






About alternatives women.


A beautiful woman is Paradise for the eyes, hell for the soul and purgatory for the pocket.

And again about women.



The steamer came, howled, pogudeli, and bound, like an escaped convict. On the deck 700 people, and the rest Negroes.

manygoodtips.com_20.06.2016_v2EROYB2aNsZwExcerpt from the poem «Syphilis», written by Mayakovsky after his return from Cuba, which was then buried in casinos and tourists. Generally, Mayakovsky traveled a lot, visited many overseas tours, including Europe (France, Germany), but America, that was an absolute exotic for the Soviet people of that time. Of these trips was born also many poems. On Cuban inequality, he wrote a lot, for example, in the poem «black & white».

In the Harbour all clearly delineated: the white dollars, black – no.It is interesting to write about memories of Mayakovsky about Cuba. During a visit to him and then ran up beggars asking about a couple of Soldi, to which he responded abruptly, «ay em rash». It is the «Rasha» and not «rush». In General, the way to write the English name with Russian letters and even with the inherent originality – a proprietary feature of the poet. Like «has Become a plain «phone» proud «Telefonos»». Or: «Here, if you please, «jab,» but at home «MCC» Yes «CCM»,» the poem «American Russian».


– Vladimir Vladimirovich, how is it in Monte Carlo, gorgeous?

– Very, as in «the Big Moscow».

– You traveled a lot. I wonder what city you think is most beautiful?

– Vyatka.

But the Homeland he loved. Much of this love did not allow him to leave the country forever. He then lived in Berlin, then in Paris, then in America, but it is not serious, all arrivals. Although, what is really there, in these words, a large share of irony. Probably, Mayakovsky could not speak with the public, not using a witticism of some absurdity or rudeness.


Want to get in the face favour to stand in line.

Here is an example of rudeness, spoken to them at one of the concerts, and at the very beginning. Just came out and said what he thought. And you are talking about the stand-I.


Lenin – lived. Lenin is alive. Lenin will live.

Contrary to popular opinion, these words are not of the authorship of Egor Letov, namely Mayakovsky from his poem called «Komsomolskaya».

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