VKontakte has ruined our lives

social networks have made life worse

If to call things by their proper names, the social network is absolutely useless crap. You may not agree, may even do not understand, but the way it is. There is nothing you can do except for one thing — to remove your accounts from all social networks, but of course it will go?

You-know-what sites every day getting on your nerves, slowly but surely and methodically forcing you to hate… myself. Here’s ten reasons why I believe that social networks have made our lives worse. Try something to argue.

1. You will never be able to leave the past behind


All that post about you: pictures, videos, and even status — it is now part of the story. Your failed relationship; the friends you lost, miserable clothes in which you went five years ago — all of this can be seen on the Internet like you’re a world star of the first magnitude. Now the Internet is a canvas, and your life is a paint, which is almost impossible to erase.

2. You know where everyone is — always


«Bob checked in at so-and-so cafe». «Olesya succinylate in the library». «Oleg checked in the toilet». Your head is overflowing with junk you information about your friends: you already know how to look their seals and food — so now you can follow all their movements!

3. Every day you compare yourself with other people


Before our lives came the social network, we could pass someone on the street, just noticing that he had a nice shirt and with this thought we’d go all day — so it seemed cool. Now you every hour to update the news feed, reading the statuses and tweets, watch pictures of people trying to impress everyone around the fact that they live «far above average». Now everyone turns to you in the guy in the cool shirt. I also look at instagram, classmates who in Canada, who in Austria — and I was immensely upset that I sit here and lead a normal life. Without social networks, I wouldn’t have a reason to no end to think about it.

4. You know everything about everyone, and they know all about you

Now, when you can tweet about your thoughts, and mercy is expressed in likes and reposted, it was hard to act at their own discretion. People no longer adhere to the principle: «If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t tell» — now everyone Solovetskii shares his thoughts in the form of statuses or tweets, and repost the entry «How social media ruined our lives».

5. People take pictures of everything


Before all people and their cats got phones with built-in HD cameras, photography was the attribute of special events: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and funerals. Now everything is photographed every day in a row, all trying to catch the moment, even pictures of his precious food, photograph themselves or together with life partner to convince yourself that you will not die alone.

6. You can’t embarrass myself in so that no one knew


Before, when you were wrong, you could be sure that know about it only those who have seen it with my own eyes, and those whom they called immediately after. Now, about your failure know the whole world. What’s more, all as if waiting for the moment in so many online photos and videos fail that I can’t even believe that people look at it from the side and find the strength not to go and help him, and busily to remove, then to put the precious record online.

7. You’re trying too hard to look happy, instead of being joyful


If you’re hanging out somewhere, but nobody has made a photo report at least one social network, we can assume that it was not. How many of my friends-girls will post pictures from their get-togethers in trendy pubs with cherry beer! «Here we are, we are good, we keep in touch and have fun on the glory,» not very nice to look at.

8. You never really are alone


There was a time when people could in the full sense of the word, to be alone with his thoughts, but now everyone carries in his pocket the phone, and this is not the case. Try to sit still a minute in a quiet room, not checking any social network. It is almost an impossible task, because for these cases there is no alternative. To think? No, we don’t need. Just keep watching what they ate today at lunch your friends.

9. You kill the boredom of watching someone else’s life


What people did if they were bored, when social networks did not exist in nature? Maybe that’s why the Egyptians built their pyramids? Because they needed something to do? Fortunately, these days you can entertain yourself, scroll news, in which they write and post the same bored people, like yourself. You’re spared from having to do things in your free time. Now you’re part of the community. Community bored and not doing anything people.

10. You always procrastinates


You moved this text from somewhere in the Vkontakte, Twitter or Facebook? That’s the way it works!

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