Vital advice about which everyone is silent

life advice

As a man that he had seen enough challenges, declare: I am a soul disgusted to read different tips from the «Feel bad? Buy new jeans!» or «I Feel that life is not there? Perhaps your career zastupilas and you urgently need a raise». Well, Yes. New jeans and twice as much loaded with work, I’ll feel a hundred times better. Sometimes life can’t be improved by adding something new. In a world far more things than sold in stores.

Over the past few years I have learned some tremendously important things right on their own experience. They will not make your problems go away immediately, completely and to the end of your days, but at least it will help you tightly to stay on his feet and stay a more adequate person.

1. If you don’t like something — change

We often say, «It is necessary to survive» or «All ustakanilos». It’s all because people think after some time the universe will inevitably discovers that he is sad, and something about it will. Unfortunately, the universe generally knows nothing about you will ever know — perhaps this array of space and consciousness do not.

And if I did? You are a sweet pea of flesh and blood that stands on the pile of dirt crawling among billions of other grains. It sounds cruel, but we can’t expect everything so as a matter will take and will change — why should it? Give at least one reason. Of course, once you quit that horrible job, move somewhere in Karelia, on the beautiful North, to break their worthless relations, where no trace is left of love is not very reasonable: it is not necessary to turn life upside down in 24 hours. Try to make a decision, and in the long run will make you happier.

2. Don’t need to exercise just for the sake of status in social networks: do it because it is useful

Stress can manifest itself in different ways, including very unpleasant ways. If you’re not going to get rid of this stress, once the inevitable explosion. Checked electronics.

In a world where people are too in a hurry to remove their cubes on the press, which are reflected in the mirror of their bathroom, not a sin to think that physical activity is the prerogative of such fitness freaks. However, sometimes the best way to get rid of stress is to kick it together with then.

Because of the stress we begin to worry, worry, body appears adrenaline. Exercises help to find this adrenaline to better use instead of just collect inside the strain. Jog in the morning or evening does not relieve you from the stress completely, but after all will facilitate your fate.

3. You are not your job, stop caring about social status

Work is now tight. Apparently, it was always tight but I always lived, so do not presume to assert. So, get a cool job difficult, and a more or less decent, too difficult. So everyone who did, says that this fact is worthy of admiration. No problems, except for one: constantly compare their situation with other people’s successes — not the most favourable for your self-worth idea. It will not inspire you to the competition — on the contrary, completely deprived of motivation.

To dream of success, undoubtedly, bad. Anyway, success doesn’t necessarily have to be relevant to your work. If you’re going to convince myself that a career defines your life, you inevitably begin to worry about not realize your full potential. It is important to have a good job that pays good money — at least for most people, but this is not the only important thing in the world.

4. Don’t worry, it is inefficient to use your free time

Never underestimate the importance of absolutely-nothing-not-doing. Too often we try to spend free time most effectively, to squeeze from it the maximum and don’t spend «nothing».

Don’t do that. Don’t blame yourself if every second of your life you are not busy with some stuff, do some stuff or not get priceless memories of some garbage. Some days can be lazy and to lie, to sit, to read, to cuddle up in a show about psychics.

No matter how much you like your job and how you’re unable to turn off thoughts about it, just allow yourself to relax, to put aside aside, and sometimes even to be a slob. What have the right.

5. Healthy eating is good, but sometimes give up the slack — that’s even better

When I read different dietary recommendations, they all seem to me like some kind of monastic vow or even punishment: you must renounce the pleasures of mortal flesh, stop eating everything you love, and instead prevalece on the salad. But if you eat greens, you’re not going to be happy?

Alcohol, which you recommend to refuse any doctor, in the short term, is much better than a salad, although in the long term destroys the body. The reason is that it relaxes immediately when you drink it, but if you’re under pressure, you can fall off the rails.

If you sit on a diet consisting of buckwheat, apples and yogurt, you will not be happier. You need things like alcohol that will at least distract you from thinking about imminent death. And you need chocolate, the consumption of which stimulates the production of neurotransmitters that help reduce stress. You need a coffee, because it invigorates and has a great taste. Stop trying to be a Superman.

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