Virtual reality has helped to fulfill the dream


Technology can fulfill the desires of the people, and this story is another proof.

Robert Firstenberg, an old woman from the UK is very weak to go out. She has many years to cancer, so the woman saw daylight only through the curtains and during the rare walks on a wheelchair. On his feet the old lady did not get up for many, many years, but using the headset for the Oculus Rift virtual reality Robert Ferstenberg were able to achieve the impossible.

Mrs. Firstenberg, granddaughter Roberta, are concerned about the deep apathy of his grandmother, wrote the artist from the Studio of video games in Seattle, to use virtual reality to realize the dream Roberti — to go outside. The artist’s mother, who decided to remain anonymous, died of cancer, perhaps that is why he agreed to the experiment. The Studio management idea is also very pleased, and they began the development of the program.

In the virtual world included all those things that Robert loved so much: waterfalls, butterflies, green grass, flowers and fairies. The woman showed the demo version of the original product, and he liked it very much. All the tactile, visual and auditory senses have been transferred very accurately, even Robert began to cry.

But, alas, this story is not a very good end: full version, Firstenberg could not estimate, because he died of cancer a few days ago.

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