Virtual computer reality for boxers, 11.07.2013, AJtVnu9vto1dLqEjlppkPjwSDcLTSSpo

Despite the fact that the world is good old Wii, which, as you know, the fat man makes a little move. By the way, I think that the Wii is largely sucks. Why? And I wrote about it here.

But some smart guys from the company Nexersys has decided that Wii is for wimps, and came up with awesome Boxing simulation King of the ring. With the ability to hit, to Dodge the blows, train and swing. The machine will allow you to beat a virtual opponent in the truest sense of the word, to work out the speed of your punch, strength and the ability to quickly Dodge. Graphics, of course, complete bullshit, see for yourself. But there is a possibility to change the skin of the enemy. Girls., 11.07.2013, Auz2RZDDKUkHxTLZjlirBAAms7nBArUR, 11.07.2013, RcNWAI9w9OAJUgwkwXcEa5ZyiUnXfbtB, 11.07.2013, p81jmlNXWnF9r7sETPLQn7IGN0P4akYc, 11.07.2013, vyOQPruVIF5n0BkdXd2zpeKeDBOoYkmo

Characteristics of iron are not impressive, but what do you want anyway?

  • Processor: OMAP3530 (720 MHz ARM Cortex ™- A8 Core)
  • 256 MB of RAM;
  • 8GB SD card for data storage;
  • HDMI input;
  • USB 2.0 (four pieces);
  • Linux;
  • 5 triaxial accelerometers;
  • large touch screen monitor.

Well, it seems nothing is forgotten. Guys, by the way, scored on Kickstarter money and begin to successfully implement the project. The cost of one unit of King of the ring — $5 000., 11.07.2013, yduovWXn4Dex3NEJxYcwGzeaF4Q70j4P, 11.07.2013, Ny1gk9rkPdnJs6CHdj3KIsqVwhzSFR3l

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