Virtual blood: 5 games in which you need to kill

Blood in video games has long ceased to agitate the population. Well it is necessary somehow to lose steam, not to kill people in real life. Where fly feet where severed heads fountains of blood, it can not be surprised. However, some games stand out just for their brutality or arbitrariness, which it is possible to arrange. Let’s talk about those where you can shamelessly just enough to kill, wandering for some odd maniac.

1. Postal 2

The second part, because the first and third honorary titles Feb Kala. The main character is a typical American citizen, called Man. He was an ordinary American Affairs, namely: skewer cats shotgun, collects signatures, gets American citizens to pieces, burning Napalm in all senses, soaked naturalasia fart jokes and writes on passers-by. In General, the normal civilized life. Actually, the whole point of the game – in the systematic destruction of the living population (terrorists, perverts, celebrity – full Cup), the first are tasks for every day of the week, and then you just run rampant and smear people on the walls and tear off limbs. The game will try to realize any your dreams and sadistic tendencies. The cruelty and cynicism of this game just rolls over, and caused hysteria from critics. So the game and is banned for sale in many countries. But additional uporotyh contributed localization from «Akella», which we all have fun together and played.

2. Manhunt

At the time, the office of Rockstar Games literally watered down crap for excessive violence and immorality GTA (although the demand for the game grew faster than the Euro). Therefore, in order to divert attention from flying off the heads of the police and puddles of blood, they released Manhunt. The game, which is forbidden in Germany as «Mein Kampf» in Israel. In Russia, too, is prohibited, after is hopelessly in love with his colleague, the lawyer of the company «Rigla» Dmitry Vinogradov killed six employees in the warehouse. Just Dima loved this game. And after 29 years was the guy… Idiot.

Rockstar don’t even really bother with the plot just built the scenery, gave into the hands of primitive stealth and a bunch of improvised means: plastic bags, wires, kitchen knives, hammers and other household items. And instead of the household tasks for their use suggested smashing hammers skulls of enemies, eyes gouged out with a crowbar, to cut off with a machete to the head, which can then be used as bait. 20 levels filled with the blood of stealth with a simple algorithm: out of the shadows, stuck in the eye piece of glass, removed the brain and back into the shadows. But the most important thing is to make it much more spectacular. Tellingly, it was a simplified version of the game, because even by the developers it seemed too cruel.

3. Hotline Miami

The bombeznaya» hit last year, primitive plot and gameplay the game play turns out not all. You half to pass one mission fail, get angry, get nasty nurse and stand in the corner.

Hotline Miami is simultaneously reminiscent of Super Meat Boy and the first, prehistoric part of the GTA, even before Tommy Vercetti and «Sidodži». Top view, only you do not move along the same streets where the confusion is happening, and is filled with bandits and other filth rooms. And then everything is very simple: kill everything that moves under atmospheric music and vosmiletku schedule. Maybe this game cannot be called cruel regarding the bloody realism (a lot of blood here, murder even more (if you want – shoot, want – smash your head with a bat to a bloody pulp), they’re just «bad» is drawn), but it can definitely be called brutal plays. The game requires a tremendous effort, and meticulous accuracy that would be envied by the surgeon, and attention as on a mountain streamer. To die here is easier than walking through a minefield, one downside – the level failed, start from the beginning. And will often die at 30 times per level, then try not to break out in anger the monitor.

4. Hatred

About this Polish shooter was said by many, waiting for the strange incident in the Postal style, where jokes will be less, and more brutality. After «the Witcher» by Polish igrodelov always waiting for something special. However, in fact, turned out quite monotonous and boring shooter. Cruelty was not so much, and the shooting of civilians bored after 5 minutes. Even monotonous and colorful finishing moves are not saved. We were promised to play for the maniac who shoots everything alive, but in the end we got a boring massacre, to look at which is offered from the height of bird flight. Changing only the requirements of the game. Kill thirty people. Kill sixty. Kill twice as much. Everything becomes more, that’s just interesting weapons not appearing. Yes, and run under the endless lamentations of the antagonist, saying, «dirty worms, kill all, one will» is sad. Carmageddon and the second «soldier of fortune» was even more bloody. But the theme of the game and the presence of at least boring, but still genocide give the game an honorable right to be in this list.

5. Prototype

Grew a graceful players have in Dota, claws, the main character, spit on conscience and a reputation for humanism, creates all dreamed about your dad after breakup with «MMM», namely: throws cars from ordinary passers-by, throws the hated enemies with a helicopter and just under the crunch of bones, the cries of the victims turns the first stranger into a shapeless Cesu-MESU. Flying on the blue Manhattan sky part of the body only add to the fun. Will not be bored.

It is recommended to play both the first and second parts.

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