Virgin hair

Virgin hair


Why not just sell the people on the Internet! No, really, we even examples of lead will not: they are all so very very strange. But this guy is selling, as he put it, «pure virgin hair». We believe in the word, man. However, the guy explains that his hair has never touched a pair of scissors, and they are not tangled. Their length is about 69 cm. The guy describes «goods» as «coal-black as the Raven’s wing, black as the darkest dream». Ugh, we even threw up from such pathos. He also never bleached, never used a hair dryer and other girly things, and they are always dried naturally.

The seller assures us that never smoked, drank or did drugs, that makes the hair extremely healthy and soft. Dude 30 years. For the hair he wants $600. On the one hand, for a lot of hair, and on the other hand — a little, he a lifetime to grow.

By the way, why buy hair?

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