Vintage radios for every taste


In our robot world, where virtually every day is it stuffed to the eyeballs with ultra-modern details, functions and features, there is hardly a person who at least once did not feel nostalgia for the past, with its glamour, glitz and soul, which one way or another, but felt in almost every invention.

Modern craftsmen quickly saw through such human attraction to vintage paraphernalia and gadgets is a gold mine. For this reason, in our category «Inventory» periodically there are devices such as the gramophone or the modern keyboard typewriter. Now you can complement your collection of retro radio, which combines cutting-edge technology and sophisticated style, and will help you in this what kind of Floor Sanders.

Collector and restorer, Paul Sanders finds the radio equipment issued during the period 1930-1940-ies, preferring striking examples of the popular in those years, the style of art Deco. Indeed, thanks to the clear geometric forms, rich colors and noble materials, this period is called the Golden Age of radio. In a modern house these vintage radio perform new functions: each player has MP3 and all the instruments are made by hand. Radios his collections are presented in a variety of sizes from small appliances to the table to position cabinets. In the collection there radio as major manufacturers like Zenith and Crosley, as well as less well-known companies.

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