Vintage cigarette advertising

manygoodtips.com_12.12.2014_yHBWp1PPisfXvDude, we know you’re a lover of all vintage pieces and sexy ladies. So today we show you vintage cigarette advertising and even a couple of curvy girls.

The fact that after the 1950s and 60s years, America has come a challenging time for advertising on TV and radio. The tobacco manufacturers were forced to fight or just accept the ban on tobacco advertising. January 2, 1971, cigarette advertising on television was banned, and this ban lasted until the end of 1990-ies. Currently smokes is back in print and on TV.

Now we’ll look at the most interesting representatives of the tobacco advertising of the time.

1. Lucky Strikes


So-so. Earlier in the advertisement could say that doctors approve of these cigarettes now, we talking about a particular toothpaste: «Doctors approve.» Only in 1954, publicly announced that in fact cigarettes cause cancer.

2. Chesterfield


Did you know that Frank was the official face of Chesterfield? And he is not alone. In the package of Smoking celebrities included: Bing Crosby, Ronald Reagan, Lucille ball and ed Sullivan.

3. Tipalet


There’s not much to say. Don’t listen to that guy with the poster, he’s just good will not teach.

4. Chesterfield


Again Chesterfield. Only this time they claim that their cigarettes do not bring any harm to the body. Scientists have proved it! And this is was published a year before the official exposure of the manufacturers of tobacco products.

5. Lucky Strikes

Actual is New year’s eve. Santa not only endorses Lucky Strike, but he’s still urging men, women and children that cigarettes are not harmful to health. We trust you, Santa!

6. Chesterfield


Chesterfield used to advertise their products images of underage children. Nice try, Mike! You were a bad son, since you decided to give your mother a carton of cigarettes.

7. Kent


Fun fact: from 1952 to 1956, Kent used the filters with the contents of the absinthe. Actually this fact is not too fun. All right, man, for a Friday evening it would be quite fun.

8. Silva


Though Silva and recognize that Smoking is injurious to health, but they still manage to declare that their cigarettes promote weight loss.

9. Marlboro


From 1954 to 1999 in Marlboro was your Men-Marlborough (their faces). To date, four of the Marlboro man-has died.

10. Newport


Dude, this is supposed to force you to give up bad habits…

11. Camel

From 1987 to 1997 Camel is published in magazines, posters and other print media. In 1991, the new York times » published an article with illustrations of a camel. The article was intended for children and it promoted Smoking.

12. Salem


Salem is representative of those of the advertising companies in which Smoking was promoted as a way to relax.

13. Tiparillo

Poradi.s. ua_12.12.2014_IKfh0xGkULaMf

From the Creator of «She was intrigued white and neat end…»

14. Marlboro


I guess we’ll just leave it here.

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