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manygoodtips.com_14.05.2015_2D3QlvvvPRLihMany athletes after their sports career is not tarnished in the starry sky, not took to drink, plunged into a depression? Not as much as I would like. At someone it turns out to be a decent coach and someone like George best, meets last days in sin and memories of past greatness. Sadly, of course, a brilliant athlete. But there are also good examples. Here Vinnie Jones – same monster with bared teeth from the films of guy Ritchie. One of the best thugs of British cinema was once one of the most complex developments of English football: no pride, not shame. But about all under the order. As you understand from the title, today we are going to dedicate your time reading opus about the poor guy who broke his legs not only in cinema, but also on the emerald fields.


As has been said, it is still not clear, Vinnie Jones is a phenomenon or a curse. When the question arose about how to call it in England, the press exploded with indignation, saying that if Jones will wear the t-shirt «three lions», the team will become a rabble of clowns. But it was the Golden years for them. But Wales did not care, and they gladly took Winnie to yourself, slowly and painfully seeking his Welsh roots. He’s a simple guy from a small Watford. By the way, it is not known what would become of Winnie, if he took a turn for the football Academy of his native city. When you look at this pile of muscles, I can’t believe it wasn’t taken over… the extra suprasti. Instead, he played with the postman at the Amateur level, showing their skills on the barren fields, and at night worked as a loader at a construction site.

In the yard, we always played on a box of whiskey. And what more motivation may be in 9-year-old boys?This continued for quite a long time, Winnie even managed to play in Sweden until he was noticed by the coach of the «Wimbledon» Dave Basett. Bassett, while picking players for the England football sensation of the 80s. «Wimbledon» is not a rich club, who played on old as himself a British football stadium, which many even were afraid to go. Rotten boards are not frightened just the same frostbitten, and the players themselves are fans. So, the team played in the same ancient and primitive football, as its stadium. Rabid, embittered fury, which is popularly called «gang of loonies», and the leader of this gang of tough guys who do not receive large fees, which wanted to push the feet of the players than the ball, was Vinnie.

The game the coach never talked to me about tactics or game scheme. He just called me the name of the opposing player.For his rudeness, he earned the nickname «TopoR». Also cut down enemy attackers. Remember his furious face in the movie. And now imagine that rushes on you stabilography carcass with a face like this, whose purpose is not to take away the ball and stop you. No matter you’re alive or dead. How many players have finished the career of Jones. For that he is not loved. Moreover, to substitute housing or dump on the lawn – many do not mind, but to make the technical selection, as does, for example, Lam, is quite difficult. Winnie chose the first method.

But fans of this men’s football is still miss Jones, Roy Keane, Canton and other guys who not only by word in a pocket did not climb, but also punish the opponent enough effective way, if he violated the rules against them: they beat him in response.

I want a real man finally raised his ass off the couch and back on the field. It’s time to dilute this sugary play a real man’s exhaust until football finally lost the penis!If Cristiano played in our time, it would fall and writhed in pain, when I was about 10 yards from him.You’d think Vinny was a perfect fit, say, wrestling. Well, he takes part in it, however, acting in the trailers and taking part as a guest star. And in fact, he was a very good player. So, once it was removed for breaking the rules… 3 second of the match! Yes, he was known as a brawler, but his crazy Wimbledon, who rose from the bottom, won the FA Cup, conceding the least goals. It’s about something Yes speaks.

During the game to confuse the ball and someone’s foot is very easy… especially if the person is the owner of the feet is very annoying.And in the end, the guy with his forces rose from the bottom in the Premier League and played in the top division until the end of his career. His track record was «Sheffield», while still weak, «Chelsea», «Leeds», «CRC» native «Wimbledon». But at 33, he finished his career to show that not for nothing has stuck to it the image of strict wit.

It a quick removal? Apparently, the bottom six when my cheek swelled from flux. This is the only removal in my career, with which I agree.


In fact the first clash Jones with the world of cinema was still in 92-m to year when he acted as a teller in a scandalous video «Rigid guys of football», which tells about such tough players as he is. In this film Vinny with his usual charisma gave me advice as to hard games. Football Federation got upset, forced to pay a huge fine and 6 months suspension from football. But this is minor. Great movie revealed to him only in 1999.

Guy Ritchie needed a charismatic character who naturally will show you London thugs – Big Chris. On stars the money is not enough, the actor was not, and then his head struck a great idea: why not remove the star of the gossip columns with a reputation as the bad guy from the suburbs in the new movie? For this role, and for the paradigmatic role of Tony «the Bullet in the teeth» in the next film, Ritchie’s «snatch», Jones has received several awards and a considerable number of positive reviews from British critics, who noted its inherent humour, and the actor Dustin Hoffman dubbed him «the new Bruce Willis».

Here are some of the kosher aspects.

What’s the coach! Only movie! Vincent Peter Jones were immersed in a magical swirl of filmmaking. Now all the crime – it. Fortunately, for this he has everything: the looks and the ability to clearly, correctly to formulate threats. Entire football career worked out. Perhaps, there was not one player. which he promised cruel, mocking violence.

Then there was Hollywood, where Jones shone in «Gone in 60 seconds», «Midnight Express» and even in the role of the noble mutant Juggernaut from «X-Men». Moreover, the talent Vinny has not stalled on the roles of the bad guys. It’s hard to believe, but he played in the musical. Yes, Vinnie Jones, nicknamed «the Axe» played in the musical. No wonder that he is a man singing, a Blues album recorded. By the way, sounds very good.

Life as a scandal

But probably its main role he played in the famous black Comedy with lots of drama called «Bonecrusher». The same film, where a team of prisoners beat team officers on the football field. The main hero – Day Meehan – got a bit of the Jones’: a brawler, a bully, a troublemaker, a popular football player. It, like the protagonist of «Bonecrusher», constantly fined for driving under the influence. What-what, and his exploits off the field, Vinnie managed to become famous all over Albion.

In fact, all the negative passages in the side of my person – only the whim of greedy to dissonant cliches of the crowd, I’m just a poor Samaritan, dragging his mask for the amusement of the secular public… it is Clear, BL…?One match which went in to the locker room of a football player spit on the fan of the opponent team, in response to Vinnie rushed with fists on the podium to fight back. Shenanigans have always been part of his life, and when he became a famous athlete, sports and the tabloids have made Jones their favorite hero article about his antics on the field and beyond constantly graced the pages of British Newspapers.

The most famous adventure of Winnie on the field (except, of course, the legendary 3 seconds) was the incident with another enfant terrible of English football – a brilliant footballer, rising to become one of the best players in the history of the «nogomyach» Floor Gascoyne. Then Gascoigne was very young, and «the Axe» with his «band of psychos» vengeance terrified the opponents. Gascoigne admitted that he was afraid Vinnie: «I was a little boy, and he is huge, muscular man, which threatened to tear off my legs». However, the missing legs in that match was not observed. But during the performance of the standard Jones elegant movement of his hands was squeezing his crotch they took care of Gascoigne, which was immediately removed for photo.


In response Paul sent Jones a bouquet. He kept his head and in response sent a toilet brush. They say that later they saw on the peaceful destruction of decalitres of alcohol. Real gentlemen.

And that’s how elegantly justified Pooh:

Once I grabbed Gascoigne by the balls. But guys, remember that day! It was Easter!In General,English players not considered shameful after the match to go have a few pints. This is us throwing a tantrum. However, the British train twice and play as a rule, more self-sacrificing. So drunk Winnie was not surprising. Fortunately, in that era for Arsenal ran talented drunk Ton Adams, who, despite the alcoholism, was a captain of the team. But it’s not about him. Talking about Winnie, who was having a little tyranny with my best friend and teammate John Foshan or peacefully drank in the company of such interesting personalities as Elton John.

But Winnie didn’t need alcohol to have problems with the law. Enough explosive nature. For example, in 1997, Jones was close to having to go to prison: he was beaten neighbor, which is not converged in a dispute concerning the boundaries of their land. But Winnie was lucky, he escaped with a fine of 1150 pounds and a hundred hours of community service. Jones has painted the walls in the nursing home, helped the poor and orphans. And he will never be able to fly the flights with Virgin Atlantic, after a fight on the flight to Tokyo.

manygoodtips.com_14.05.2015_kmPnpA8m6na6lAnd it all seems rather strange in light of the fact that Jones is an exemplary family man and for many years lives happily married. Anyway, not sleeping with other men’s wives, like other English players.

Still, very cool to be Vinnie Jones. Maybe as a player, he is ambiguous, and before winning the FA Cup final wrote about him: «Imagine how many great players never won this trophy. If you win Wimbledon, which has players such as Vinnie Jones, it will be a mockery of football!» But for other Winnie – the symbol of the tough English football. Such players anymore. And there are no players who became good actors. For her role in «the Bonecrusher» Empire magazine declared it the best actor of the year. And the role in the film «lock, stock, and two Smoking barrels» it was recognized as the best acting debut. And life is good. Whom to call for advertising Baccardi? Of Course, Jones! You need to comment on match so that all around fucked up big, John would fit. And we need a guy as wild and brutal as Russia, to lead a series of programs about her. I don’t know who you can call? Know.

By the way, the crew that worked with him on these programs, noted that in everyday life Winnie is very simple and nice guy. So let them not fool you.

A talented person is talented in everything. And if you have a crowd favorite, and your appearance in any show guarantees a great spectator’s attention, you can be sure: life is good. The winner of life this is your Vinnie Jones. In 2013, he stated that he is struggling with skin cancer and underwent several operations to remove tumors. And judging by the playful gleam in his eyes and a mighty figure, everything about him is good. So good luck, Vinnie!

I love to read. Especially the biography of great men. Now I just read his biography – it’s a great book!And finally: Winnie better than any teacher OBZH will tell you how to revive the innocent victims of the debtors.

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