Vibrating headphones for gamers


Dude, if you love to play in your free time in a computer, these headphones are just for you. Headphones for gamers has a lot of problems, for example, they are uncomfortable. But these headphones are very comfortable. And they can vibrate, filling you with feelings of action.

Rosewill 5.1 have 5.1 channel sound with 8 loudspeakers under the thin housing. With the help of special programs, which is included in the package, the device can emalirovki sound up to 7.1, of course, the professionals will understand but seems nice.

Rosewill 5.1 provide deep bass and very chic vocals, if you want to listen to good music.

Soft cushion on the earcups provide a comfortable operation. The microphone, by the way, removed if he interferes. The microphone has a noise reduction feature.

Available nice remote that can change the volume settings, vibration and change tracks.

To purchase these headphones you can for $ 50.

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