Vest, beard and the brain: a brief Wasserman

We began to forget our recent heroes. Do you want Anatoly joined the ranks of Victor Saltykov, Sasha Aivazova, brothers Chadovich and other actors «9th company»? Do you want to be Anatoly became a forgotten hero? He’s 3 years ago laughed at the jokes about «extra-terrestrial». So let us remember the intellectual hero of the invisible front.

What is a Wasserman? Everyone knows that he is very intelligent, he had a vest, beard and the abstinence pledge given to them in those days, when the old Odessa smelled of mullet and then drayman. In principle, all right. Even restraint. They say that he gave 100 years ago, a vow that will not be it carnal pleasures, instead, he will give life science. It is clear that those people who he made the promise probably forgot about it and would be happy if Anatoly Alexandrovich was turned out to be some kind of Madame, and it is better constant. But the hero claims that at his age, too late to change something. Or maybe just not found equal to the mighty intellect individual.

The ideal woman must be smart, because smart will provide all the other qualities.But most importantly, Wasserman is intelligence. Such thing as «Anatoly does not know» does not exist in nature. Just do not think that the Toll of his youth-still was boring Odessa «shmuck SKG ipocal in his hands.» Did not need to rinse yourself the cerebellum, it’s not necessary. As a student he took an active part in the voluntary-compulsory agricultural operations on the farm, where «a lot of drank (to feel like an adult) and drunk well lit». 21 years later quit drinking (Yes, Anatoly drinks) moderately, because brain activity is «green snake» is still affected. Do not think that scholars are contained absolutely.

By the way, despite the fact that Wasserman is well versed in politics and even worked as a political consultant by training he is an engineer-physicist. Graduated from the Odessa technological Institute of refrigeration industry, and then long time worked as a computer programmer. Yes, in those days, when drives were impossible to lift alone, and the computer resembled the size and appearance of the plant.

Excellent knowledge of computers allowed him at the dawn of democracy to become a journalist and write erudite articles in computer magazines. As well convoluted, a little boring, but wisely and wittily.

To the honor of Wasserman, he also mastered the chemistry of the atmosphere, pharmacology and physics (because it has VUS «engineer of the nuclear submarine», although the boat did not serve).

However, few of us remember these same articles. Everyone know unusual bearded practical vest solely because of television. It all began in 1989, the team Nurali Latypova in the elite club «What? Where? When?» then in the team of Viktor Morokhovsky. Wasserman became recognizable and, one might even say popular, because popular elite club in those days was that of KVN. Anatoly even dared to run for nonhumans teeming cesspool called the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and even took second place. And thank God that didn’t pass. Kuchma is also a good man can not be called, proved an intellectual.

However, the peak of his tellawy was, of course, «jeopardy». Here he opened, here is a mind burst. He became known Valdis Pelsh and more popular than the winner of the «Field of miracles», and in the late 90s it was the ultimate dream for an ordinary people to Vidic, grinder and heap up to be on television. Dressed in silver, like foil, mantle of the bearded man, slowly and impressively dazzling erudition, remembered for a long time. Mainly for the fact that he blatantly robbed the show of his intellect. No wonder in 2004, he was named «player of the decade».

But that was just as tender as childhood, times: pink days easy TV flirting and playing with intelligence. Next was tougher. Anatoly is no fool and is well versed in politics. Although his political statements cause severe discomfort in many segments of the population, especially in Ukrainian. Statements in the online diaries cause sickly bubbling of the waste products of the stomach. First of all, people used to say that «Stalin is evil», widely opens eyes, hearing from the mouth of Anatoly Alexandrovich: «I am a Stalinist». Apparently, the Jew, and even so public, so more erudite cannot adequately look at the reign of Dzhugashvili. Seem to think that all the Jews and intellectuals shot. We will not go into the details of the management Board of Koba, is a topic for another article. We denote the position of Wasserman: «by Studying the period, I understand that Stalin was not cruel».

Over the last seven or eight years, I was finally convinced that all dogs hung on Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, strangers. What he is accused of crimes not committed by past or other people. Moreover, the crimes with which he is in process of forces and opportunities fought.

But that’s not all. Was a transfer of «Wassermann Reaction». Pretty good and hard, discussed the problem with Wasserman Kholmogorov Express my opinion. Opinions, as usual, was stung right in the forehead. A citizen of Ukraine A. A. Wasserman argued that Ukraine should be returned to Russia, and the Ukrainian language (and Belarusian) does not exist – only dialects of Russian. Even published a book, vibezin all conscious countries. In his opinion, «independent Ukraine threat to all of its citizens.» In the Wake of Russian spring 2014 took up the policy, began to tell on REN-TV about Kiev militants killing civilians of Novorossiya. Agreed to the fact that the SBU accused him of separatism and inciting ethnic hatred. Wasserman as if been waiting for this:

I am very happy that my services to the Russian people as a whole and to the part which is now called Ukrainian, in particular, recognized as such in a formal way. I was against Ukrainian separatism ever since, he even entered the sphere of public discussion.On better pensions should be abolished to raise the birth rate and increase social mobility. Unfortunately, did not consider comrade Wasserman, what the pension people do not always die, and the jobs for all will not suffice.

But what is interesting: sage supports the legalization of all drugs and psychotropic substances. Moreover, Wasserman supports the free sale of narcotic and psychotropic drugs in pharmacies without a prescription. He is convinced that it is necessary to decriminalize prostitution. Actually, the law banning the Mat also came in for severe criticism. Our man!

I’m an atheist, and an atheist not out of habit but out of conviction.That kind of attitude Anatoly Alexandrovich to religion. Moreover, he proved the non-existence of God, it is strictly and clearly appears as a consequence of gödel’s incompleteness theorem. However, Wasserman emphasizes that the Orthodox Church in Russia plays a positive social role. That kind of inconsistency.

Saying «Make a fool to pray to God, he hurt his forehead» does not consider that the fool usually lay himself other people’s foreheads.

«Oh, those Jews,» – says someone with an inquiring mind. Meanwhile, he considers himself not a Jew, and a Russian Jewish descent.

A person’s nationality is a set of acquired habits.He is convinced that nationalism is a mental disease contagious, and what, it’s hard not to agree.

However, a staunch opponent of the national state, some disappointed I think, as it is now fashionable to say too spongy radical. They say, policy of the United States criticizes, supports a ban on adoptions of children by homosexual couples and even advocates for the legalization of firearms. Most of his statements sting sharper irony Griboyedov. However, this is not vatnost it’s a clear position. Wasserman went deep into politics, and this dive ends with three things: prison, Pro-government position, or their position. Wasserman is in position between the last two points, probably, him as a political consultant to know better. Husband big Macs eat with a fork, and we are outraged.

Amazing phenomenon and seems a little evil. Somehow always remains the impression. Wasserman is very intelligent and not without humor. It is clear that Comedy was his name as a scientific freak, but he’s there and not lost. Under the touch intelligent Pereimenovali seclusion hides a very public man with a very uncharacteristic statements. Such people seem to need two hands to protest against bans and legalization, but no. Apparently, all these confrontation and evoke such thoughts. And under the 7-pound vest, which has everything, from shopping bags (because it is easier to carry the box with the powder, whose sharp corners are tearing in all the world (s)) in umbrellas, hides a very talented and intelligent man with his approach to life practical and lazy. The man who can not only in the mind impressively to tell the story of Burundi, but also intelligent, not straining to make telephone prankery uncomfortable. No wonder he became the God of «Upyachka». Mr. Wasserman does not consider these jokes offensive, and recognizes that some of them are quite witty.

The more intelligent a person is, the more stupid things he can think of.

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