Very versatile Swiss army knife

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In recent years, people often ask the question: «What would be one (or three) things you would take to a deserted island?» Often sentimental and impractical answer that would have taken a notebook with a pen, a guitar, MP3 player. More practical answer: an axe or a crowbar, but we will gladly take this device. If Robinson would be the Swiss army knife, he not only would’ve needed help, but he might have seized power over the natives and become their king. But we digress.

In this device 87 of the tools… We don’t know where it NOT take! Complete with a set of screwdrivers, bottle openers of different configurations, magnifier, compass, blades of different types, saws and sandpaper, rulers, pliers, wrenches and, of course, toothpick. With these personal belongings you can catch a moose and build the submarine.

Compact it can not be called, but the accordion is very similar.

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